8 Things You Should Know About Charlotte Katakuri [SPOILERS]


Katakuri is the Japanese name for the Erythronium japonicum. The word “katakuriko” originally referred to the starch of this plant. This follows the food-themed names of the Charlotte Family and Big Mom Pirates.


Katakuri is an extremely tall, large, and muscular man. He stands at nearly three times Luffy’s height.

Katakuri has the highest known bounty of anyone revealed so far in the series.


Katakuri is one of the very few people who can use all 3 types of Haki.


Katakuri’s extreme gluttonous side and scarred mouth is similar to Zebra from the Toriko series.

Katakuri’s style of clothing may be inspired by American biker gang fashion, which is often distinguished by its usage of cropped leather vests, tattoos, belts, and decorative motorcyclist spurs.

Katakuri’s defeat is similar to Senor Pink’s as both of their opponents showed a sign of respect before walking away the victor.

  • Franky wiped off Senor Pink’s tears and Luffy covered Katakuri’s mouth (which Katakuri is sensitive about).

According to the 6th Japanese Fan Poll, Katakuri is the 45th most popular character in One Piece.

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