8 Things You Should Know About Donquixote Doflamingo


1 – Doflamingo’s flag was the first “smilie” style Jolly Roger to be seen in the series. Doflamingo also stated that slavery is “out”, but smilies are “in”. With the introduction of SAD and his illicit underground network trafficking in man-made Zoans, “SMILE”, the meaning behind his words and symbol become much clearer.


2 – His surname is a reference to Don Quixote, the main character of the famous Spanish novel “El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha”, while his given name, Flamingo, is a bird whose plumage resembles Doflamingo’s flamboyant jacket and likely comprises it.

3 – In One Piece Green: Secret Pieces, an early concept of Donquixote Doflamingo was revealed, showing that he was originally a rapper, and that he was supposed to be a little younger than his current setting.


4 – Doflamingo shares some very notable parallelisms with Crocodile:

  • They both have been Shichibukai, both arrested after Luffy sending them crashing to the ground unconscious.
  • They both were leaders of a powerful criminal organization with multiple Devil Fruit users with codenames (both including a bomber, a human that can change their weight, a user that can change their limbs into steel, a user that uses their powers for art, and a user that can mobilize underground).
  • They both operated under the façade of celebrated heroes in their respective countries, committing dark dealings that contributed to the countries’ deterioration.
  • Crocodile was the main antagonist of the second saga of Part 1 (Alabasta Saga), while Doflamingo was the main antagonist of the second saga of Part 2 (Dressrosa Saga).
  • They both are Devil Fruit users and have mastered their powers to high levels, able to severely distort the surrounding environments.
  • They both drape furry coats as capes for their common clothes.
  • They both were present at Roger’s execution.
  • They both aimed to control a whole country (with Doflamingo having succeeded) with similar plans: by framing the current king for unforgivable crimes against the people, while appearing later as the hero.
  • They both have earned the scorn of said country’s princess who aimed to kill them for their crimes (Vivi for Crocodile and Rebecca for Doflamingo). They were also both spied by said country’s princess who went by a codename as well to keep their fathers alive (Crocodile by Vivi as Miss Wednesday for Cobra and Doflamingo by Viola as Violet for Dold).
  • They both contrabanded illegal substances (Dance Powder and SAD).
  • They both acted cruel to subordinates that they deemed useless and unworthy of their military powers (Crocodile discarded Galdino, Doflamingo discarded Bellamy).
  • They both attempted a genocide of the respective countries they were trying to control, both failing in the end.
  • They both were attacked in a way that would have decapitated them if they did not have Devil Fruit powers, but instead avoided harm altogether (Vivi attacked Crocodile with her Peacock Slashers but he dissipated into sand, Kyros appeared to lop Doflamingo’s head off with his sword but Doflamingo had faked him out with a clone made of string).
  • They both were defeated by Luffy in a way that wrought havoc on the nearby residential areas where they had fought him (Crocodile was knocked out of an underground temple containing a Poneglyph, causing the road and some buildings above it to be thrown asunder, Doflamingo was sent crashing into the ground with such force it leveled all of the surrounding buildings). Also the way Luffy destroys Doflamingo’s string clone is similar to Crocodile’s defeat, as they both are sent up to the ceiling and were beaten up by an attack which involves Luffy punching them multiple times until the ceiling gets destroyed as they fall to the ground.
  • They both were locked up in Impel Down Level 6.

5 – Doflamingo is aware of the National Treasure that “sleeps dep within Marie Geoise”. We still wonder how this treasure will affect the World.

6 – Between reselling weapons to many countries, producing the artificial SMILE fruits and even trafficking humans among otherthings, Joker controlled the largest organization in the New World. He pulled “the strings” from the shadows, having a complete control of the Underworld. In that regard, he’s a much bigger player in the New World than it would seem at first.

7 – In the SBS of Volume 83, a reader asked Oda why Viola and Doflamingo called each other “Violet” and “Doffy” in chapter 788. Oda replied that there is a deep secret behind this, but because it is a pretty adult part of the story, he could not tell the reader more.

8 – Doflamingo is the very first Paramecia-type Devil Fruit User who revealed that he had his Devil Fruit power awakened.

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