8 Things You Should Know About Edward Weevil

  • Edward Weevil is the last of the Shichibukai appointed mid-timeskip to be revealed, and the most recent Shichibukai to be revealed overall.
  • He’s the self-proclaimed son of Edward Newgate. His mother is Miss Bakkin, the self-proclaimed lover of Newgate.
  • Weevil has the highest known former bounty of all the Shichibukai so far.
  • He has prominent scars going down his left eye, across his neck and around his left arm.
  • Like his alleged father Whitebeard, he wields a bisento as a weapon of choice.
  • Unlike his self-proclaimed father, Weevil does not hold concepts of family in the same regard, believing that his alleged blood heritage is what makes him true family, not bonds built on friendship and camaraderie. Because of this, he violently attacked all those once affiliated with Whitebeard.
  • Weevil was able to single-handedly defeat 16 pirate crews affiliated with Whitebeard, including the A.O Pirates, without taking a single injury.
  • Weevil’s hair and mustache can be seen in Chapter 801 and Episode 746.

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