8 Things You Should Know About Monkey D. Dragon

  • Monkey D. Dragon is in the first anime opening for One Piece, We are!, showing his face for a brief second.
  • Twenty two years before the start of the series, at Gol D. Roger’s execution, Dragon did not have his tattoo or his stubble on his face.
  • Of all the characters in One Piece, Dragon perhaps has been the center of the most myths among fans, usually concerning whether he has Devil Fruit powers or not. Before his status as a D. was revealed, his possible family connections to other characters was also a major point of discussion within the fan-base.
  • Whether it is a foreshadowing on Oda’s part or a coincidence, Luffy appeared in the short Mugiwara Theatre – Monster Time as a dragon years before he was revealed to be Dragon’s son.
  • All members of the Monkey Family have shown to have a noticeable mark on the left side of their faces. Both Luffy and Garp have a scar while Dragon has a large tattoo.
  • So far, the few times he was seen in the series outside of Baltigo, there was always at least the suggestion of a storm coming, if not one already there. This happened when he saved Luffy in Loguetown, at Gol D. Roger’s execution, and in Goa Kingdom.
  • Dragon’s birthday (October 5th) coincides with the date of the October Revolution in Russia where Vladimir Lenin took power.
  • In the 5th fan poll, Dragon ranked 81st.

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