One Piece’s Remaining Story Arcs


One Piece’s Remaining Story Arcs

After Egghead Island arc, these are the following arcs left for the series with some plot points it will cover:



  • Location of the last Road Poneglyph
  • Nika lore
  • Ragnarok prophecy


  • Possible battle royale between the Yonko
  • One Piece Treasure
  • Rio Poneglyph and the Void Century

New Marineford + Mary Geoise

  • Final War
  • Destruction of the Red Line

So there’s about 3 arcs left, not exactly sure how long each will take, it can be as short as Zou or as long as Wano.

Also, we’re not getting a Lodestar arc, as Lodestar is a star that guides sailors to a destination, this is pretty much the same in One Piece as the Lodestar Island is guiding pirate crews through the Grand Line via the log pose. After the 4th Poneglyph is found, it served its purpose.

*by 50thsun

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