A Big Clash between Blackbeard and Shanks incoming?


The release of last chapter showed us Wano arc is not over yet finished and probaly and that the end will be tragic.


We are all familiar with the theory of Wano may have been based on kabuki theater divided into acts. According to the structure of kabuki theater it is divided in 5 acts:

1-Introducing of characters/place that started at Chapter 909 and ended in Chapter 924 with Kid and Luffy defeated.

2-Accelerating the pace of history, end alliance pirate prep before the great battle.


Now we are in act 3 and even after 98 chapters Oda dind’t show the end, and acorrding to the tradition of kabuki theater, it should end with a terrible tragedy. But what could this be? It’s Blackbeard!

His last appearance was in Chapter 956 after the newspaper news. He said he goes after something the Marine wants before they get it.


What could he have seen in the paper besides the Sabo news? Well he may have seen the two Emperors fall to Supernovas. Now let’s look at what the Marine/Government wants and why he will go to Wano (or will arrive in the next chapters).


Many theorized that Blackbeard would go to Alabasta to get Pluton after the Nefertari incident, but with the last chapter we find out that Pluton is hiding somewhere in Wano.

2-Nico Robin

She is the only one who can read and most importantly understand the history of the Poneglyphs. We saw in Chapter 1029 that the World government is behind her again.

3-Road Poneglyphs

We know that Blackbeard is not the type to go after danger (like Luffy for example), he prefers to take advantage of situations. The current situation in Wano is perfect for him because in addition to the Alliance being weakened after the fight he can get 3 Road Poneglyphs (Luffy’s two Poneglyphs and one hidden in Wano). Getting even closer to the title of King of Pirates.

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