A Mystery in Zoro’s Backstory


As you could’ve noticed by now, the Wano arc is slowly unravelling certain aspects of Zoro’s backstory that were unknown. We start by learning that Zoro knows old dialect from Kuri.


Later we learn what this word means

We even learn how Zoro learned this phrase


Aside from this word, Oda introduces another plot element to Zoro’s backstory. It starts with Oda confirming that Wano citizens left Wano for East Blue in the SBS for Vol.92.


Later we learn a notable person from this voyage

A blacksmith from the Shimotsuki clan left Wano for East Blue and created Zoro’s village (Shimotsuki Village) where Wado Ichimonji passed through his decendants to Zoro.

In one chapter we got a quick history lesson about the Status of the Shimotsuki clan in Wano.

The Shimotsuki are the most prominent Clan outside of the Kozuki in the Wano country. Their importance is highlighted here as they are the rulers of the Only LEGAL port in the country with a closwd border policy.

But as we learned, a member of the Shimotsuki clan itself broke this law and left Wano. We can guess that the way they accomplished this was using the NOT-LEGAL method of entering and leaving Wano. This being the Waterfall off the coast of Kuri that basically every pirate we’ve seen use.

Lastly we learned a bit about Kuri as a region

The member of the Shimotsuki clan who left Wano did so over 50 years ago therefore they traversed through Kuri WHEN IT WAS LAWLESS.

We can piece together from how O-Kiku reacted to Momonosuke using the word “Sunach” that even though Kuri was rehabilitated, certain aspects of its past are still taboo. O-Kiku as a noble retainer is fully against this old tradition of “Sunach” that originated from Kuri. This tradition though was taught to Zoro as a child by geezers in his village. His village being Shimotsuki village named after the noble Shimotsuki clan of Wano.

Here are the questions to think about here.

  1. Why did a member of a Noble family break the ultimate law of the country?
  2. How did this Noble family manage to use the Kuri method of leaving Wano when Kuri was so lawless that it wasn’t considered part of the country?
  3. Why did this Noble family set up in East Blue?
  4. Why do people in the village of this Noble family in East Blue practice or teach “Sunach” yet this is a tradition from the lawless Kuri land that is even frowned upon today?

*Theory by ImmaIvanoM

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