A Small Detail Missed on Chapter 1043 Cover Page!


On Chapter 1034 Cover Page we see Oven and Brûlée arriving at Whole Cake Island.


Did you notice anything in the background?

They are the Blackbeard Pirates! Nuts, right? But please allow me to explain.

On the left, we have Doc Q


You see him slouching? Makes a similar shape from the back as what we see in the cover story.


Next up, we have Van Augur

See the resemblance? We see the rifle across his shoulders in the cover story!

(I skipped one) but here, we have Jesus Burgess.

You can see him making a pose that is (similar) to his trademark victory pose.

These are the primary resemblances that I noticed, looking at the cover story. But do tell if you recognize any other silhouettes. But, before I close out this post, I will add one more possible Blackbeard that could be hiding here…

Behind the cake… is San Juan Wolf!

Thoughts? Or am I just wearing a tin-foil hat?

*by Proton20

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