After Chapter 1003 it seems clear that Who’s-Who is a CP0 Agent


Inside the castle, CP-0 is revealed to also be attending, though they were disappointed by the sudden death of their business partner Orochi and that the banquet had devolved into a battlefield.


We see that the Shamisen player is wearing the same paper mask with a painted eye as Bao Huang and is reporting on the battle to Cipher Pol, which implies Aegis Zero may be the ones responsible for surveillance of Kaido’s castle.

Both the Shamisen player and Bao Huang were able to observe remote events through these masks, which would imply anyone wearing this eye marking are somehow sharing what they see with anyone else wearing the masks – like a mass surveillance network. This would seem to be the work of an enemy stand… or some type of Devil Fruit rather than an advanced observation Haki technique, though the person who is responsible remains a mystery.


Who’s-Who has the same mark painted on his chest, but we already know he possesses Neko Neko no Mi, Model: Saber Tiger. This also makes me wonder if Who’s-Who is somehow connected to Cipher Pol directly.


Look at this guy below from Robin’s flashback. Doesn’t he remind you of Who’s Who? 

Out of these 3 people who Oda put the most attention to out of all others, we only know the name of the middle one and the right one. Us not knowing his actual name helps in keeping his identity a secret. Tbh, even Who’s Who sounds like a made-up name which is perfect for an agent of the most powerful intelligence in the world.

We know that Who’s-Who has encountered Jinbe in the past – when Jinbe was still a member of the Seven Warlords, which would fit for some type of Government agent.

This could also explain how Who’s-Who was able to blow Drake’s cover as a member of SWORD. And what this might imply is an internal conflict between SWORD, the intelligence division of the Marines, and Aegis Zero, a shield protecting the interests of the Celestial Dragons.

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