AKAINU’S MARINE: The Strongest Military Force of OP?!


World Military Draft:

We known that Akainu did the World Military Draft in order to recruit lots of strong person from the entire world so that the marines become the strongest force in the world.

He recruited two “beasts in terms of power” (Doflamingo). Ryokogyu and Fujitora.


By looking at Issho we can see that he’s a samurai like Kin’emon so we can expect that the marines could have recruited more samurai.

Most importantly is why would a samurai leave his country (not forgeting that it is illegal to leave it)

This is pretty easy: They are ronin. Ronin are masterless samurai or better said vagabonds. They would accept the request of joining the marines because they are either rescued from the harsh conditions of living as a ronin or to get out of the small world (Wano Kuni) and see the outside.

We know that people who live in harsh conditions like Heracles, Issho (he saw many terrible things which means that he was in many dangerous places) and New World fighters are very strong, so we can expect that ronins are much stronger then averrage samurai like Kin’emon, Kanjuro and Raizo.

How many ronin would join them? We can’t really judge together but we could expect that a lot of them would join them because we know that the Shogun worked together with Kaido (there must be a reason why the Shogun took support from outside instead from inside. So there was at least wars in Wano Kuni) which could cause of a lot problems through the country which would increase the amount of ronins and make the life of ronins much harder. That would cause them to lose their loyality for their country.

How much do their affect the marines? A lot! Samurai who lost their master or were fired were at least strong fighters like Kin’emon. Akainu would only take strong fighters so we can expect that he has a lot of ronins whose strength should surpass Kin’emon’s strength (who is already a strong fighter and has strong haki).


We known that there are many very strong people who live between weak people like Montblanc Noland who was strong enough to kill Kashigami by cutting off his head while Pretimeskip-Zoro didn’t even managed to injure it. His friend Calgara also killed it’s smaller but still huge child with one attack. Kyros was a very strong fighter that Doflamingo asked him to join his crew and he also managed to defeat Diamante while having one leg, not training for at least a decade and trying to protect Rebecca. This shown that even in places where weak fighters live very strong fighters exist. Akainu can easily recruit them by giving them their needs in exchange that they join the marines.


We can easily see that the kingdoms of OP have at least one very strong fighter who can be recruited by the marines in exchange for their conditions.

Another way would be to recruit Pirates similiar to Shichibukai. We know that Blackbeard recruited only the strongest from Impel Down Lv.6 and they joined him without hesistation. They also look to be loyal. That’s because their only wish was to escape from the hell. Akainu could do the same by picking up the strongest of them and cleaning their hearts with the Woshu Woshu no mi (Tsuru’s DF) so that they become good-hearted (and very strong) fighters.



We all know that Vegapunk made the Human-Weapon Project aka Pacifista whose strength overpowered crews that managed to enter the New World.

While we know that strong rookies from the New World can easily take down a Pacifista with one punch we know that their are still too dangerous for low rank fighters of the crew of Yonko’s but still they are able to take them down (like the Whitebeard Pirats lower rank fighters managed to take one down.).

Sentomaru also stated that there are Posttimeskip-Pacifista who are much stronger then the old models but not have seen yet. Still we know how intelligent Vegapunk is. We also know that the Pretimeskip-Pacifista were Prototypes because Kuma (the orginal Pacifista) was completed a short time ago. Franky who utiilized Vegapunks technology got a huge power up and was strong enough to defeat a commander of the Donquixote Pirats (while he had a dangerous weakness -his human back- and is much smaller then a Pacifista).

His favorite weapon the Franky Shogun was strong enough to effortless defeat two strong fighters of the Donquixote Pirats.

Because he only used Vegapunks old research and Vegapunk could even have increased his knowledge about weaponry and genetics in the two years so that we can expect that the Posttimeskip-Pacifista are strong enough that strong rookies must fight seriously to defeat them with few hits (better said if they hold back the Pacifista should be a problem).

We know that Pacifistas have blood, this means that they also have flesh in themselfs. This could be a big problem if their flesh is only as durable as a human. So they would need stronger bodies so that they are less prone to internal damage (which was the reason why Pretimeskip-Pacifistas were defeated by the crews of the worst generation.)

But Vegapunk already has a solution for it. We know that Bobby Funk has such a strong body that even if he never fought in his entire life that his body is strong enough to get no damage from a haki imbued attack that should be enough to defeat a Pretimeskip-Pacifista. Vegapunk could create a similiar body for the Pacifista with his vast knowledge about the human body.

We also know that there is another very tough person who is much more stronger and better build then Bobby Funk:

Kaido is Yonko and fought against Whitebeard so we can clearly see that size and training matters. So we can expect that the toughness of the Posttimeskip-Pacifista is much higher then Bobby Funks but much much weaker then Kaido’s toughness.

They will also be much taller then Pretimeskip-Pacifista. Because of the giantification that Vegapunk/Caesar did to them. While they failed to make humans into giants, they can managed to make people much much higher (for example when someone gets about a quarter taller they become much much stronger and tougher). So that a Pacifista that is a copy of Kuma who is 689 cm (22’7.3″) tall to become much taller like 10 m (32’8.1″). That would increase their strength and toughness without really effecting them.


We saw that former scientist Caesar who worked under Vegapunk and never managed to come close to him creating several very dangerous weapons like the KX Launcher.

The poison of the weapon is based on real-life VX nerve gas, the deadliest nerve agent known to man. 0.6 milligram of VX is enough to kill a healthy man. Vegapunk could create much stronger poisons so that the marines would always have a hidden ace if something went wrong.

And creating living weapons by letting a chemical weapon “eating” Zoans.

Because we know that Caesar is inferior compared to Vegapunk we know that he could create much much more dangerous weapons.

While Smiley was not lethal because of Caesar’s failures, we can expect that Vegapunk could created a much much more dangerous living weapon:

Doku Doku no Mi: Venom Demon

They look similiar but have the difference that Venom Demon is lethal while Smiley is semi-lethal.By letting Venom Demon “eat” a Zoan fruit it will become a living weapon of mass destruction.

Artificial Zoan Devil Fruits:

Caesar managed to created SMILE, artificial zoans devil fruits. While they don’t come close to original zoan fruits and have sideeffects, Vegapunk could make them better then he did them before. His first artificial devil fruit allowed to transform the eater into a full-zoan form and didn’t show any sideeffects while SMILE has many flaws.

Also Vegapunk’s artificial zoan looks like that it is a Mythical Zoan because dragons that existed in OP are the dragons from the Oneshot Monsters.

  Both are different from each other. This shows that it’s a Mysthical Zoan.

This shows that Vegapunk can create much stronger devil fruits then Caesar. Because he created his first fruit years before we can assume that his next fruit would be much stronger. At the end we can see that Vegapunk can create better devil fruits then Caesar that are Mysthical Zoans so that the eater also gets special abilites.


He could also create modern firearms to strenghen the marines. We saw the Bege has a Thompson submachinegun which is a fullautomatic firearm from the 20.Century that was used in WW2.

While currently most of the firearms in OP are flintlocks.

This shows that Vegapunk could make weak marine soldiers strong by giving them submachine guns that have higher range and lower recoil then flintlock rifles. They are also easier to reload and carry more ammonition.


While we know Caesar failed at the process of gigantification we only heard the rumor tha Vegapunk failed. It is also possible that Vegapunk managed gigantification but the side effects are too dangerous to count it as a success. Neverless he managed to create a oversized giant:

This skull is much bigger then from a normal giant. This shows signs of successful gigantification.

While the dream of successfully increasing the size of humans to giants seems to be a failure it’s still possible to increase the size of human.

We can clearly see that humans can become incredible tall. Even when they aren’t as tall as giants they are still very tall and very strong.

Because several years since his last known attempt passed we could expect that he made progress. This shows that the strength of Marine officers can drastically be increased.

While in the Marineford war a Marine officer was as strong as a fighter of the Whitebeard Pirats, we can expect that with gigantification a officer would easily overpower several of them at the same time. Giant human officers may not be as strong as real giants but they are much stronger then normal humans.


We know that Vegapunk’s old partner Judge has incredible technology for his army. The Germa 66 is a part of the World Goverment. So we can expect that he still has some connection to Vegapunk so that he could get access to the blueprints of his technology. That would mean that Vegapunk could create Raidsuits to increase the combat abilities of high ranked soldiers like Vice Admirals so that they become very strong.



We all know that Akainu knows to choose the right enemy so that he manipulates him to opposite against his allies. We also know that his last victim was Squardo.

He also knows how to taunt someone like he did it with Ace and his strategy worked because he managed to kill him (and nearly Luffy with him together).

Because of this we can be sure that he will effectively use four kinds of warfare:

Psychological Warfare:
The term psychological warfare is used “to denote any action which is practiced mainly by psychological methods with the aim of evoking a planned psychological reaction in other people”.

This includes manipulating enemies so that they opposite against their allies, taunting the enemies to lose their focus and become aggressive , the use of certain weapons to destroy the psyche so that they lose their last hope for victory and try to escape or use of sound (voices) like human screams to create fear. There are dozens of different psychological strategies.

Chemical Warfare:
Chemical warfare (CW) involves using the toxic properties of chemical substances as weapons. I mentioned before to usage of KX launchers or Venom Demon animated zoan which are part of chemical warfare.

Biological Warfare:
Biological warfare is the use of biological toxins or infectious agents such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi with the intent to kill or incapacitate humans, animals or plants as an act of war.

We can expect that Akainu would use biological warfare to kill the enemies in a fast victory for example when they managed to successfully protect their base/fortress. It can be used similiar to chemical warfare by letting the agents to the air so that everyone of them gets infected.

Nuclear Warfare:
Nuclear warfare is a military conflict or political strategy in which nuclear weaponry is used to inflict damage on the enemy. Nuclear weapons are weapons of mass destruction; in contrast to conventional warfare, nuclear warfare can produce destruction in a much shorter time-frame and can have a long-lasting radiological warfare dimension.

This can used as a fast way to eliminate enemies or silently way to eliminate then for example when they successfully hide themselfs from the enemy.

When we look over “SAD” we see that it has radiation leakage. This shows that nuclear weapons are possible but we do not know how powerful they are.

Thank you for reading my theory.

*Theory by Name Is C

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