All 15 Unnamed Devil Fruits In One Piece




Sheepshead ate an Artificial Devil Fruit known as SMILE, which grants him the ability to transform his hands into the horns of a sheep.


Since Ginrummy has black horns on her head, she has likely eaten a SMILE fruit, although its powers are unknown.



Momonosuke ate Vegapunk’s man-made Mythical Zoan-type Devil Fruit that was considered a failure. It transformed him into a serpentine dragon which allows him to seemingly fly, when in actuality he somehow produced clouds that he was able to grab onto and climbed up that way.



Reiju was confirmed to have eaten a Devil Fruit in the One Piece Magazine Vol.1, and while she had been shown to have some unique abilities, it is unknown which of those are Devil Fruit powered and which are scientific enhancements.


Laffitte seems to have eaten a Devil Fruit that allows him to obtain wings and fly. He showed his ability when the Blackbeard Pirates invaded Impel Down.


Karasu has seemingly eaten a Devil Fruit of an unknown type that allows him to turn his body and clothes into a murder of crows. In this form, he is capable of performing actions over a wide area. Each crow is capable of carrying an average-sized person on its back, and they are also used to deliver newspapers. Karasu is also capable of talking as a crow.


Kanjuro ate a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows him to turn anything that is drawn into a three-dimensional real object, or even a living organism by saying “Appear”. Creations also have the same abilities as the originals, such as a bird’s ability to fly, or food being edible (although according to Kin’emon it hurts his stomach). This also allows him to affect his own body, as he hid inside a wall as a drawing to avoid detection.


Blamenco possesses an as-of-yet unnamed devil fruit ability that allows him to store objects in pockets on his body, regardless of the object’s size. The storage area is connected to the pockets on his chin area. Any limitations to this power are unknown. So far, he has only pulled out a giant mallet from his right chin pocket.


Wolf has eaten a Paramecia Devil Fruit that makes him bigger than normal giants. Despite being weak against water, he was tall enough to stand in the ocean.


Tama has eaten an unnamed Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows her to create food from her body. The food is capable of taming animals and does not typically work on humans, both in quelling hunger and taming. However, humans who have consumed a SMILE Devil Fruit are susceptible to being tamed by the food due to being part animal; it is unknown if this also applies to normal Zoan users. The food cannot be forcefully taken from Tama’s body.


Bonney exhibits abilities that come from an unknown type Devil Fruit that involves age manipulation. She can alter the ages of herself and others, rapidly aging her intended targets into their senior years or regressing them into small children. As a result of this ability, accurately determining her true age is difficult.


Apoo appears to have a Devil Fruit connected with music. This ability allows him to transform his body into various musical instruments (such as piano keys on his teeth or turning his arm into a saxophone) which he can play. By playing specific notes and tunes, he can release music that causes damaging effects to his opponents, the type of damage being determined by what he plays, and seems to have hypnotic effects.


Urouge ate a Devil Fruit that allows him to convert some damage inflicted onto him into strength, which results in expanding muscles and body size. Using this ability he was able to exceed a Pacifista’s body size and actually damage it with punches, although he was still vulnerable to its lasers and a kick from Admiral Kizaru.


Kid possesses a Devil Fruit power connected to magnetism. This manifests in two different abilities, both depicting repulsion and attraction of metals within his vicinity to be used as weapons. The first allows him to repel metallic objects away from himself. The second ability allows him to draw metallic objects towards him and form them into objects, his most frequent use of this being to form a giant arm made of hundreds of metallic weapons and objects and connecting it to his right hand.


Kaido appears to have eaten a Zoan-type Devil Fruit that allows him to turn into an eastern dragon. In this form, he is capable of flight and dark clouds fill the sky wherever he goes. He can also release devastating flames from his mouth, which can easily blow apart a large area.

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