All 7 Known Members Of Rocks Pirates


Before a certain man named Gol D. Roger took the Seas by storm, there was a pirate crew who supposedly stood above all other pirate crews. The Rocks Pirates!


We first found out about their existence in chapter 907, stating that Big Mom and Kaido where members of this crew.


Let’s see all 7 possible members of Rocks Pirates:



Big Mom, is the captain of the Big Mom Pirates and the only female member of the Yonko.
We do know, that she has some connection to Kaido. Also many speculated, that both of them took part in the same crew. Big Mom is known for her endless hunger. Maybe she wanted the position of the Rocks Pirates. And as Kaido was a Crewmember of the Rocks Pirates – they were plotting together the end of the Rocks Pirates’ Age.


Kaido also known as the “Strongest Creature in the World” is the general of the Beasts Pirates and one of the Yonko.
As stated earlier, I think he could be a member of the Rocks Pirates. We don’t know his actual age, but he was not mentioned from Garp etc. to be part of the old generation. So I think he was a rookie at this time. Like Shanks and Buggy on Roger’s ship.


Gekko Moriah is the captain of the Thriller Bark Pirates and a former Shichibukai. He is one of the few pirates left from the old generation. His biggest enemy in his prime days was Kaido, who was responsible for the death of his old crew. Moriah spent ten years creating his zombie army to get his revenge against Kaido.
It’s possible that Moriah was on Rocks Pirates crew since he and Kaido seem to have a lot of history.


Shakky is a former pirate, the wife of Silvers Rayleigh, and is also known for once being chased by the legendary Marine, Monkey D. Garp.
According to “Vivre Card Vol. 2” she was a big pirate 40 years ago, but she retired. It’s possible that she was someone in the Rocks Pirates or Alliance. 42 Years ago she opened her shop on the Sabody Archipelago – maybe after the Rocks Crew were disbanded.


“Whitebeard”, was the captain of the Whitebeard Pirates and was known as “The Strongest Man in the World”.
According to “Vivre Card Vol.4” Whitebeard set out to sea when he was still a young man, sailing as a pirate with other crews. Some years before he founded the Whitebeard Pirates, he joined a “certain group of pirates”, which the card kinda implies to be the Rocks Pirates. It’s also implied to be the same group Bakkin was in.


Miss Bakkin is a former pirate and is the self-proclaimed lover of Edward Newgate and is the mother of Edward Weevil, one of the Shichibukai.
In chapter 909, Marco said that Whitebeard was more than 40 years ago a member of a pirate crew and Bakkin sailed with him. Maybe there was a romantic situation between them. But as we do nothing more I rather would say, that both of them were just crewmates of the Rocks Pirates and after the breakdown they started their own lives.


Dr. Kureha is a highly skilled and very long-lived doctor on Drum Island.
Kureha is over 140 years old, she was 51 when Brook was born and is the 2nd oldest human known in the story. She could have been a notorious pirate back in her days and there is no one alive to remember it. She could have been the ship doctor of the Rocks Pirates crew.

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