All D. Allies tried to work together to show Joy Boy the way


Lili told her descendants to protect the Poneglyph and only show it to Ds who might ask about it then tell them about Pluton’s location.

Cobra knew it all from the letter.


He connects the dots here and here and starts questioning why there’s a need to protect the stones and hide em if they tell about the true history.

But because he believes in the World Government, he doesn’t suspect a thing and exposes himself along with the letter that is Lili’s will to help D. that the Nerfertari inherited all the way to Vivi.


Just like how Shandorians protected their own Poneglyph kept telling their ancestors 400 years later that they’re here until 800 years later when they showed D. where Poseidon is and fulfilled their ancestors’ wish.


Now this line found in a Shandora wall is relevant again as it will be until the very end of One Piece.

Keep thy motives in heart, with closed mouth. We are those who will weave history with the ringing of the great belfry.

This chapter is so good because it pretty much confirms how D. allies are scattered all around the Grand Line and tried to work together to show Joy Boy the way and give him the 3 Ancient Weapons once he needs them, too bad less and less readers seem to care about this suff.


  1. Cobra’s face is the best panel because it shows how confused he is by what he thought was an impossibility.
  2. That’s hair, smooth silky hair (kinda like that guy from Yu-Gi-Oh !that wears red and has long grey hair).

*Theory by Nanto_Suichoken

“Drums of Liberation” were already heard several times in the story way before Wano Arc!

Nefertari and Joy Boy: two Sovereigns who will change the World