All Known ​Underworld Emperors In One Piece


The Underworld is the whole system of connections, smuggling, and shady dealings which eludes the World Government’s control. It is mainly set in the New World.


This list is about all known Underworld Emperors:

#1 – DU FELD

Du Feld, known as the “God of Fortune”, is the “Loan Shark King”.
Du Feld is greedy and unscrupulous, as he attempted to steal the treasure within the Tamatebako when given the opportunity despite it belonging to Big Mom. He found the Big Mom Pirates’ treachery against the Vinsmoke Family amusing rather than disturbing, laughing as Judge cried as this meant the impending end of the Germa.



Stussy is an agent of CP-0. In her cover as an emperor of the Underworld, she operates under the epithet of the “Queen of the Pleasure District”.
When her real self was revealed, she possesses a sadistic side which was shown when she shot down Du Feld, even stating she will have him take the blame for her actions. She also threatened an eavesdropping Morgans to create a fake story in order to cover up her and the World Government’s actions.



Drug Peclo is the “Major Undertaker” and an emperor of the Underworld. He carries a scythe, and is shown to carry it over his shoulder. As an emperor of the Underworld, Drug Peclo has a strong degree of power within it.


“Big News” Morgans is the president of the World Economic Journal and one of the emperors of the Underworld.
Morgans is in charge of the World Economic Journal, giving him control over the newspaper and the information it gives to people. He has access to information not available to most people, as demonstrated by his knowledge of Big Mom’s recent acquisition of the Tamatebako and of her Soul Pocus technique.
He also has deep bonds with the Germa, and his newspaper incidentally publishes a popular comic strip that features their army as its main antagonists.
After the incident in Totto Land, Morgans declared Luffy as the “Fifth Emperor” through out the world.


Giberson, known as “The Concealer”, is a veteran warehouseman and one of the emperors of the Underworld. Despite the Charlotte Family revealing their treacherous plot to destroy the Vinsmoke Family, Giberson insensitively found Vinsmoke Judge’s crying and pleas to be amusing, and was not bothered by this act of betrayal (albeit not directed to him).

#6 – UMIT

“Deep Ocean Current” Umit is a shipping magnate and one of the emperors of the Underworld. Umit appears quite serious and angry, in contrast to the joy and amusement his fellow emperors show.

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