All the FAILED plot lines about Zoro throughout the Wano Arc!


Here’s a megathread to document all the Ls Zoro has taken in Wano now that it’s officially over:

Zoro will gather the Samurai.


Zoro will avenge Yasui.

Zoro will forge a black blade by the end of Wano.


Zoro will become the Monster Samurai Kaido spoke of by the end of Wano.


Zoro will wake up again.

Zoro will defeat the Grim Reaper and become the King of Hell.

Zoro will confront Kaido a second time.

Zoro will slice Kaido to pieces.

Zoro will slay Kaido above the Flower Capital.

Zoro’s background will be explored in Wano.

Zoro will visit Ryuma’s grave.

Zoro will become the hero of Wano like Ryuma.

Zoro will be the 2nd Ryuma.

*by LuffyTheGOAT

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