All the Flying Six will end up allying with Luffy


I’m starting to believe that the Flying Six will all turn to Luffy’s side.


It started with X-Drake.

Page One and Ulti are like disobedient little kids/wild animals that will be domesticated with O-Tama’s Kibi Dangos with the help of Ussop & Nami. The mask on Ulti is both a strategic plot and character design to make it more difficult for her to be fed by the dangos, thus still adding to Ussop & Nami’s character development.


Sanji has a running theme in the New World of being captured by women (Viola & Pudding) – but only to be helped by them later on. So I’m expecting Black Maria to change sides.


Sasaki likely has some ties with Franky by being related to Kokoro and Tom.

Who’s Who is confirmed to have some connection to Jinbe.

Both Sasaki and Who’s Who seems to have been forced to join the Beasts Pirates as they give off very independent vibe. They likely had their wills broken and were once former captains of their own crew. Franky & Jinbe will convince them to join Luffy as he respects the freedom of others – Franky and Jinbe were both former captains of their own crew/gang/family who joined Luffy.

The Flying Six were already prepared to challenge the All Stars/Calamities – this could be foreshadowing by Oda. We might see them teaming up to take down King, Queen and Jack (if he’s recovering). They might not win against the Calamities, but will still act from a plot perspective to show the true strength of Calamities whilst also making them weak enough for someone like Zoro/Sanji/Jinbe to take out low-difficulty.

Chopper will heal both allies and enemies – to Queen’s disbelief. The Beasts Pirates will see this and some will likely turn to Luffy’s side. The Straw Hat Alliance is still at a disadvantage in their number of fighters – Oda has to reduce this gap by getting Beasts Pirates members to switch sides without adding more characters to the arc.

This will free up the Straw Hat members completely to take on Kaido/Big Mom – alongside Law, Kid/Killer and Marco.

*Theory by hakaishogun

Is Who’s Who a former member of the Spade Pirates?

X Drake is the third Marine Swordsman Zoro has befriended until now