All the Flying Six’s Names fit the Card Games Theme


In chapter 978 all members of the Flying Six are shown. Ulti, Who’s Who, Black Maria, and Sasaki are formally introduced and Page One is shown in his human form.


It is worth noting that all the names of the Flying Six members fit with the card game-themed names.

Page One is named after the real-life card game of the same name


Ulti is likely named after the Hungarian card game of the same name


Who’s Who is possibly named after the card game of the same name invented by games scholar David Parlett.

Black Maria is likely named after the British card game of the same name. “Black Maria” is also the nickname of the Queen of Spades card.

Sasaki is possibly named after the card game “44A”, also known as Sasaki (ササキ).

Drake is the only member of the Flying Six not named after a card game. However, his name, X ( diez, Roman for “ten”) is the highest numbered card in a deck.

That makes sense, since we already saw how the Headliners are all named after card games as well.

And we already know the Beasts Pirates have a card game theme.

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