All the plot threads in Wano that connect back to Vegapunk!


It’s heavily speculated that Vegapunk would be formally introduced during the aftermath of this arc given how many plot threads in Wano revolve around him.


I am personally a bit skeptical of this and feel that we’ll only see him in his research facility, treating the kids from Punk Hazard. But irrespective of where and how, I think we will see him shortly after Wano.

With Oda slowly but surely building up to the genius’ introduction, I thought there wouldn’t be a better time to get a refresher and analyze the things from Wano that are ultimately relevant to Vegapunk himself.

I’ll also bring up a few potential questions which arise from those plot threads. Please do give these a read and it would be great if you could address some of the questions I try to bring up here.


  • Vegapunk was commissioned by the World Government to make dragons on Punk Hazard for some reason.
  • He extracted Kaido’s lineage factor for his artifical version of uo-uo no mi Seiryu, whose user is now Momonosuke.

Some questions:

  1. Why did the World Government order him to make more dragons?
  2. Is the Seiryu fruit an outlier and a special fruit since it was found on God Valley?
  3. Keeping the above point in mind, was there a specific reason why the World Government made Vegapunk extract Kaido’s lineage factor in the first place?
  4. Did Vegapunk purposely deem Momonosuke’s fruit to be a failure or was it his OCD that was at play there?
  5. How would the CP0 and World Government after they see Momonosuke in his dragon form now?
  6. What is the story behind the dragon which was slain by Ryuma in the past?
  7. Is Oda trying to expand upon the dragon motif as something much bigger than we anticipate (do read the page, it’s from a magazine and gives me chills).


  • The Numbers from Punk Hazard are around 2 centuries old (confirmed in their Vivre Cards). Which means that they worked experimented by scientists of the World Government long ago.
  • Vegapunk and Caesar have both been unsuccessful in ethically experimenting upon gigantification.
  • BUT it’s highly possible that just like the effects of the kids from Punk Hazard are going to be reversed by Vegapunk, we might see him doing the same for the numbers during or sometime after this arc.
  • From Big Mom’s dream of having a tea party to an upcoming arc (Elbaf) having to do everything with giants, it’s not too hard to see Vegapunk being in the middle of this sooner or later.
  • We might get a lot more on Oni’s/ancient giants, other than that ,no burning questions pertinent to that in this arc really.


  • This is a big one. The concept of SMILES involved Caesar using lineage factor to create faulty Zoans. Vegapunk’s ingenuity potentially allows him to replicate that with ALL THE DEVIL FRUIT CLASSES now as was hinted by Oda in a recent SBS.
  • Just like the kids from Punk Hazard, Vegapunk would probably be required to treat the citizens of Ebisu too. I personally believe that part is out of the realm of Chopper or Law’s medical prowess.
  • Some insane developments are at hand with Sanji’s lineage in question now. Vegapunk also probably made this breakthrough while working with Judge and Queen at MADS. I sniff us getting a lot more on that during Sanji’s fight.
  • SSG could be based on this, its prototype being Kuma but now with them having a plethora of abilities. A development big enough for two Yonko’s to go ancient weapon hunting.


  1. Is the SSG going to be based on Vegapunk’s genius at using lineage factor on all devil fruit classes?
  2. Could Yamato be a result of Kaido’s lineage factor and not her mother?


  • The one big part of this arc that Oda has restrained upon revealing a lot on is seastone.
  • It would be interesting to see how Vegapunk tinkers with it and what are all the things that he has realized about it carrying the essence of the sea itself.
  • He has made innovations in its usage for the marines. He would definitely be interested in its origins (Wano) if anything


– We know that only Vegapunk is able to feed Devil Fruits to inanimate objects

  • How then did this teapot (standing on its own balls btw) having a raccoon DF end up in Tenguyama’s house of all places?
  • Sentomaru who wears a Tsuna ropem really looks like someone whose origins would be from Wano. Him being Vegapunk’s personal bodyguard only makes you think. It’s also not farfetched to think that he’ll be responsible for managing SSG, a contingent of which could be sent to Wano during its tail end.
  • What were Orochi’s actual demands when he demanded Vegapunk for himself? Where did this conversation really go after it was cut off for us?

This is all that I’m able to remember from the top off my head as far as Vegapunk and his relevance to Wano goes.

As I close off, the biggest reason why Vegapunk’s involvement in the story hypes me like none other is the fact that he’ll be the guy to explain the workings of a Devil Fruit.

Even though this is off-topic I cannot resist asking this:

  • What exactly is Oda trying to tell us with that swirly energy emanating from the fruits and Kaku sensing that they’re not from this world altogether? I haven’t been able to find a good theory on this.

Thanks for reading this!

*Theory by gyrozepp95

Oda strongly hinted that Zoro and Sanji are close to each other in Strength!

Post Wano Arc is going to be one of the best series of chapters in the whole series!