Alliance between Marco and Perospero?!


As we have seen in latest chapter, Marco and Perospero arrive at Onigashima together.


Right now we have 2 options:

  1. Marco and Perospero have an alliance to take down Kaido
  2. Marco just saw Perospero and they might have a duel in front of Onigashima.

The first option is the most likely one. There’s heavy emphasis on Perospero disapproving of Big Mom’s decision. He does NOT want an alliance with Kaido and has made it clear that he’s going to resist it.

If Marco and Perospero have created a temporary alliance then that bodes well for the future possibility of the Big Mom Pirates allying with the Straw Hat Pirates post Wano like some people have speculated.


I wonder what Perospero going to do in this arc. How will he explain to Big Mom about what he is going to do? Will he turn Big Mom against Kaido? His actions are going to be a significant one and may turn the tide of the battle.


Also kinda intriguing why there’s no other Big Mom Pirates member with Perospero. Wonder what Oda is gonna come up with!

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