Analyzing Luffy’s Current Power Level compared to the Yonkos!


Since Chapter 1026 release I saw quite reasonable discussions about Luffy’s current power level in comparison to the other Yonkos and the other people in Wano and the rest of the ONE PIECE World.


However, those were very few in comparison to the sheer amount of discussions that were driven by pure hype without thinking for a second about what was actually shown.

Luffy’s power level and what was shown in the manga

Let me start the main topic of this post by reminding you what Conqueror’s Haki is. It is the power to exert the users willpower over others. Now what did we see in Chapter 1026? Luffy and Kaido’s Conqueror’s Haki coated attacks clashed, resulting in the force to be send upwards and splitting the clouds. This is an amazing feat for Luffy because it means his willpower is equal to that of Kaido, the strongest Yonko but that’s also all that was shown.


So far Oda has made it clear that Yonkos are insane in terms of durability, Haki control and strength. All Luffy has shown so far is that his Haki is on a similar level to Kaido and yet I have seen so many people stating that Luffy is now able to match 1v1 the other Yonkos. Granted, most of them admitted that Luffy is the weakest Yonko but in their league and I agree with this statement to the point that he can fight them and their willpower is equal but right now he stands no chance in a 1v1 against a fresh Yonko. Kaido right now has fought the 9 Scabards, the 5 Supernovas, Yamato and to a small extend Momonosuke. Oda did all of this so it becomes reasonable for Kaido to be defeated.


The issue is that Luffy is far too weak in every other category from what we have seen the other Yonkos are capable of.
He has run out of Haki twice during the rooftop fight alone and there is a chance it could happen a third time (people were just as hype as they are now at the time Chapter 1010 was released, and just 3 chapters later Luffy was on his way to the ocean floor without any Haki left), meanwhile Kaido has been going at it for much longer, he even fought Big Mom for 3 days before the raid. Luffy also got knocked out by Kaido’s Ragnarock attack and he probably would have been knocked out by a few other attacks if Zoro and Law didn’t support him.

And here we are with a lot of people stating that Luffy can fight a Yonko 1v1 now and has a chance at winning. There were also some people saying that the Kaido vs Big Mom sky split was in human form and now Kaido is in his hybrid form and Luffy in his normal form so Luffy has to be stronger than Big Mom now according to this logic. But there is no indication that Conqueror’s Haki gets influenced by devil fruits.

*by Yellow90Flash

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