Apoo’s Devil Fruit nullifies Luffy’s Future Sight


From what we’ve seen, Scratchmen Apoo’s attacks are completely unavoidable and can hit pretty much anyone.


Many people complain that Luffy has the ability to see the future and by logic he should have been able to see what will happen before Apoo attacked.

It looks like everyone seem to be underestimating Apoo like he’s some random fodder who’s supposed to get KO’ed in 1 chapter.


Also, there are multiple factors to Future Sight and we don’t know Apoo’s ability well enough to make a judgment, but still, knowing Oda and his style of writing I’m sure he’s going to manipulate Future Sight using Luffy’s emotions to switch it on and off if it’s necessary for plot purposes.
Back in Whole Cake Island arc when Luffy got Future Sight my first thought was, how does Oda is going to write the story forward when Luffy can literally see the future and change it? Well, we got the answer here!


What if Luffy used Future Sight but only didn’t find a way to avoid Apoo’s attack?
Well it’s quite possible, but I can’t confirm it since there weren’t any implications for that and if he did, he at least should have been able to protect his body using Armament Haki. Again it’s quite possible that Apoo’s Devil Fruit allows him to bypass Haki who knows, we don’t have enough information about his powers, but even then Luffy should have been able to endure his body since he endured a similar attack in Udon and didn’t lost his consciousness despite being weakened by sea stone.

*Theory by Nicolo Makaveli

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