Bari Bari No Mi: Unbreakable but Not Impenetrable


Today we will analyze the Bari Bari no Mi devil fruit and look into potential weaknesses and short comings of its abilities.


Before I get into weaknesses, let me briefly summerize what we know the Bara Bara no Mi devil fruit is capable of…

For this speculation I will be operating under the assumption that the shields are unbreakable by outside forces and Haki.


That doesn’t mean other devil fruits can compromise the barriers integrity but I’ll get to that later.

What we know the fruit can do: Create unbreakable barriers in various shapes and sizes, for offensive and defensive applications.






Unconventional shapes:



Bartolomeo also has the ability to reshape barriers and move them telepathically

Known weakness/ shortcomings:

Sound: the barriers do not stop sound, so musical hypnosis enemies like Brook and Apoo are capable of getting through to damage the ear drums.

Surface area of attack: if the attack exceeds his barrier’s surface area, or is something like an explosion, or Katakuri’s liquid mochi that won’t stop or can flow around then his defense can be bypassed.

Fingers: Bartolomeo is one of several devil fruit wielders plagued by a specific finger or hand position, necessary to use it. Break his fingers or cut them off and he will have the most useless devil fruit in existence.

Now that we have covered all we know, let’s get into what or who I think has advantages against unbreakable barriers, and other possible weaknesses.

Light or beam based abilities: Given the translucent nature of the barriers we know light can penetrate to some extent. Opponents with light based or beam based weaponry (Kizaru, Pacifista, Franky) should have some sort of effectivity.

Even if the barriers refract light, it will still be able to penetrate. And since we haven’t seen the barriers to have a mirror sheen I think the beams could alter intensity when passing, and alter direction, but still will get through.

On the inverse I think if the beam has Haki mixed with it, it won’t pass through.

Sight/visual techniques: Techniques that effect the user’s eyes or are connected to vision and hypnosis (Jango, Boa Hancok).

These abilities are triggerd by looking at the opponent and take advantage of the clear barriers.

Phasing/dimensional abilities: Characters like Perona and Brook have the ability to phase through solid objects, and maybe even Bartolomeo’s shields. Blueno should be able to create a door on the shield comprising it.

Temperature extremists/emviromenral manipulators (Oven, Kuzan, Akainu, Monet, Fujitora, Blackbeard)

Even if Bartolomeo made a perfect cube defense, the opponents can create a literal oven or freezer, just by changing the surronding area, and increasing or lowering the temperature inside the cube.
The shields can’t block gravity, Blackbeard’s pulling or Fujitora’s squishing would still be effective.

Abilites that may compromise integrity, or conflicting devil fruits: This one is the most speculative and kinda confusing…

So I believe that if the barrier was struck by Whitebeard’s quake punch it wouldn’t break, but if Whitebeard approached a barrier put his hands to it and used his devil fruit powers on the barrier directly it may break.

Same for Gladius. The barrier will block small explosions and explosive objects all day, but if Gladius can use his ability on the barrier it could explode.

Abilities like those of Kanjuro and Jora. They have art that can effect the world or come alive, they may have the ability to create doors windows etc.

Abilities that may actually weaken things, we have seen things like the more more fruit, rust rust fruit, etc. If a break break fruit or a less less fruit existed by their nature they should nullify the integrity of the barrier.

*Theory by Portgas D. Xatch

Will of D. has 2 different meanings

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