Basil Hawkins vs Luffy & Zoro – New Ally For The Straw Hat Pirates


In recent chapters we found out that Basil Hawkins joined the Beasts Pirates and became one of the crew’s Headliners.


He doesn’t want to get Kaido involved into the upcomming conflict. I think Hawkins is eager in making his own picture of the situation. This was the very first part where we could build up the idea of Hawkins planning to test Luffy. Testing Luffy would also be a test on himself and his abilities!

As we all know Basil Hawkins has no 100% chance accurance with his foresight ability, as seeing the death mark above Brownbeard was false. He reappeared on Punk Hazard, and this happened before Punk Hazard.


But during the Summit War something curious happened, Hawkins hit a foresight with the highest-accuracy, it was the survival rate of Luffy. I think this could set-up for Hawkins to again test Luffy’s luck and this time it is in connection to the fight against Kaido! Not only Kaido, I think the fight against the Yonkos in general!
And that’s why Kaido should not be involved as Hawkins will make his own picture of Luffy.


So now back to this panel and to the question: Why is “fodder” alongside Hawkins? To answer this question we got to analyse the page above to the fullest:

-Every participating person is wielding a sword, even Luffy and Hawkins. Luffy seems to be confident.

-Hawkins has to test their strength, considering finding out the truth behind the “Gokou”-deal, which might lead into Zoro hearing about this. Yes I think Hawkins’ purpose could be an Alliance.
-As we know the animals from the Kaido underlings are even easier fodder for Luffy, they don’t play any major role in this clash and are just for aesthetic purposes.
-Only 2 options: You can follow the strong or disobey them and live your life hiding. This is pretty similar to something we heard before, right? The things Law told Luffy, you either join a Yonko or get crushed by them if you try to oppose them. At this point it is obvious that Luffy and Zoro want to oppose Kaido and Hawkins could see slightly better chances by sticking with Luffy rather with Kaido. Another argument could be that you got no reason to hide under Luffy as Luffy grants is followers and allies freedom as they wish. Vice Versa you can see Hawkins as a person that is hiding right now, with his status right now he might not be able to defeat a Yonko. He basically was forced to go the way under Kaido, as Kaido popped randomly up in front of their former alliance.
-Also note the “not causing trouble” rule, was already broken by Zoro also Luffy seems not to care, as mentioned an “apology” will be involved, which leads to assume that this will cause trouble. But not as the kind of trouble we expect.

So Hawkins will test Luffy and Zoro’s strenght, to see if they really fit their reputation, he wants to be convinced with his own eyes. There will be a small brawl to test out this strength.
Hawkins can grant them safeness by avoiding any reports on troubles to Kaido, after being convinced.
Now the question is? Why is there “fodder” alongside Hawkins?
In order to show loyality to Zoro and Luffy as an ally against Kaido, after a chit chat durin the fight, Hawkins will be the one to take out the fodder to end the test and from that point on they will join forces together!

*Theory by Rej

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