Big Mom in Wano arc: An Ally or an Enemy?


So in the many complaints people have about Wano, Big Mom’s amnesia stands near the top.


To be honest, I’m not a big fan of the plotpoint either. It’s a bit too convenient for her to be out of action right now in the story and doing things that could help the Straw Hats rather than hinder them. However despite the cliché plotpoint, one thing I’ve always known about Oda is to always somewhat expect the unexpected. So I ask: Do people really think Oda is going to do something as convenient and easy as Big Mom teaming up with Luffy in Wano?

Now when I say this, I don’t mean it can’t happen eventually. However I think in a lot of people’s minds events are going to go down like this:


– Big Mom breaks into the prison.

– Chopper tells Luffy and his newly gained prisoner friends that Big Mom is on their side.

– Luffy is fine with this and escapes.

To me, this scenario raises a few eyebrows. Why would Luffy willingly team up with Big Mom? Of course the prison break thing is probably going to happen, I’m not sure why Luffy would basically say, “Yeah, ok, I’m fine with that.” after the events of Whole Cake Island.

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I’d like to point out as well, back in the Impel Down arc, Luffy wasn’t exactly ecstatic about teaming up with old enemies. When he first runs into Buggy he berates him, but they find a mutual place to team up once Buggy realizes that Ace is a friend to both of them (or in Luffy’s case, his brother). Mr. 2 was already a Strawhat ally, and Mr. 3 became friends with Buggy as well. Then there was Crocodile, who Luffy was probably ready to fight until Ivankov convinced him to let Crocodile join his prison break.

In short, Big Mom’s situation is a bit different. Despite her amnesia, her place in the story is pretty much the same as Blackbeard’s. Both have done heinous shit against Luffy and his crew, and Big Mom (at this time) – even more- so than Blackbeard during Impel Down – Luffy’s already declared he was going to defeat her one day.

I do not think this situation is going to go down all sunshine and roses. In fact, with the way Oda likes to parallel things from the Grand Line and the New World, I’m kind of expecting the encounter with amnesiac Big Mom and Luffy to go down like this:

– Big Mom breaks into the prison, possibly even defeating Queen in a scuffle.

– She runs into Luffy. Thinking that Luffy is her friend, she’s excited to meet him. Chopper as well is happy to see that Luffy is safe.

– Luffy remembers the training he’s got from Hyogoro briefly and gets angry.

– In a sudden, unexpected turn, Luffy punches Big Mom hard in the face.

– Big Mom gets knocked out. Everyone freaks out.

– Luffy breaks out of the prison himself.

– A couple of chapters later, Big Mom wakes up and says, “STRAWHAT!!” her memory is restored.

This would solve a lot of the issues people have with the amnesia storyline. Big Mom takes care of a threat for Luffy, but the twist? She doesn’t actually become Luffy’s ally. In fact, Luffy does something to her that pisses her off even more-so. Luffy has learned to break through her iron-esque skin that was mentioned back in Whole Cake Island as well. He’s become stronger in the prison in a feat that is even more impressive that knocking out a Commander like Queen.

*Theory by bmtrocks

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