“Plan Cake” wouldn’t work?!
When chapter 885 out, i guess we all was shocked when saw last page of chapter. Oda decided finish chapter with similar frame and similar words. Just look on them:


I think this isn’t accident and Oda draw same frames for a reason. I believe that this is his way to show us, that PLAN DIDN’T WORK! Like really, when someone repeat words about Yonkou falling, with that confident, that never going to work! Maybe Big Mom didn’t faint when eat the cake, or someone could destroy cake. But i don’t want speculate about things that could happened with cake, rather i want to talk about possibilities that could appear if that happened.

Let’s imagine that Big Mom eat cake, but instead of falling down, she will regain consciousness and would be Mad on SH, for ruining her plans. You could compare this to thing that happened in chapter 828- Jimbe saved Big Mom from her illness, but she didn’t change at all, she said that if he want to leave her, than he must play deadly roulette. And if Big Mom want revenge she could kill StrawHats closest people, or she could chose other option which i would discuss bit later.
Now let’s talk about thing that could happened if Cake didn’t work, or would be destroyed. I believe that Big Mom will chase Straw Hats till catch them, even if that would mean chase in Wano country. That Oda foreshadow in this chapter by Nami’s words:


Nami said, that Big Mom would chase em till “Hell will freeze.” Also in 885 chapter was shown that all Big Mom grand fleet is ready and going for Straw Hats. More than this Sanji also didn’t plan to wait Luffy on Cocoa Island. He want meet Sunny in the sea, not on the island. Luffy also leave mirror world and actually could depature to Wano, if Nami and Jimbe find out that their’s captain is on the Nuts Island. Ofcourse things could change again, but i believe that in the end of arc Straw Hats will departure to Wano, when Big Mom and her fleet will chase them.

Let’s think what could happened with BM pirates reputation, if Straw Hat’s run away not punished? That would mean that BigMom is weak, that Supernova Luffy could destroy Totland, beat general Cracker, ruin Wedding Ceremony, ruin Nuts Island, and run away, like that was nothing. I believe that this is something what BigMom pirates couldn’t forgive or forgot, so they will follow StrawHats even in Wano, even if this would mean confront with Kaido.

Just think about it: StrawHats are not ready to fight with Yonkou. But if Big Mom Pirates will confront Kaido, this could lead to fall of both Yonko.

*Theory by Konstantis

Oda revealed it will take another 1-2 years to enter Wano arc!