BLACKBEARD PERSONALITIES: How he can use multiple devil fruits.


In Mock Town we learn that Luffy and Zoro felt the presence of 2 people while Nami only saw Blackbeard.


We know Blackbeard ate the Yami Yami no Mi and the Gura Gura no Mi, whilst you can only have 1 devil fruit or the ‘container’ would die. This is come by alot, so what’s new?

Did you guys know we NOT see Blackbeard eating the Yami Yami no Mi devil fruit! Just like we didn’t see him eating the Gura Gura no Mi.

Here is the thing. Blackbeard wanted the Yami Yami no Mi bad. His friend Thatch found the devil fruit. The next scene you see Blackbeard kill Thatch. Why would he kill him since he just could’ve sneak and ate the devil fruit himself just like Luffy did? He caught Shanks offguard by eating the devil fruit… Blackbeard problably killed Thatch, cause he already ate the fruit. From here it gets tricky. Did he eat Thatch in desperation? Where there fruits nearby? Dunno.

What if.. Blackbeard ate him because he knew how to require a devil fruit already eaten by someone else? The container is still alive in his body, but he could use that power. That would make sense for him to be felt as 2 presents. Now in Marineford he did it again with Whitebeard, getting the Gura Gura no Mi.


What does this teach us? Blackbeard never ATE a devil fruit! Is this the reason why he can get multiple devil fruits? Apparently! Think about it. His double presence, him killing his best friend while he could ate it and apologise or something, him being able to aquire multiple devil fruits.

Think there is a downside. The personality stays and can come in conflict. That’s why he only wants 3 devil fruits. My guess is he will eat the last one devil fruit.

It’s interesting to see what will happen to Big Mom, since she also ate Mother Caramel en thus required her devil fruit power. Here you see also the split personality, caring for her family, but don’t give 2 f what will happen cause she’s fixed on eating.


Could you lose a container being heavily damaged? We will let Bege find out!

*Theory by BlackHippyKuzan

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