Blackbeard will have a Huge Role in the Final War against World Government


Marshall D. Teach also known as Blackbeard is strategic man who seems to have the “perfect” plan to become the next Pirate King.


Teach started as nobody in the crew of the Yonkou Whitebeard to get a certain Devil Fruit the Yami Yami no Mi, therefore he murdered one of Whitebeard’s commanders. Afterwards he became a Shichibukai by handing out Ace to the marines to break into Impel Down and recruit a strong crew. While Whitebeard was at the verge of death he murdered him and managed to steal his devil fruit powers.

During the timeskip he took over most of Whitebeard’s territories and won a war against the Whitebeards remnants afterwards he officially took the place of his former captain as Yonkou.
But was his fast rise only a result of his good plan or was there more than only his plan?


Why did Whitebeard never punish him?
Whitebeard was not only a Yonkou, je was also the strongest man alive.


We also know Whitebeard saw his crew as his family started a war to save Ace, but he never went after Teach after his betrayal and even wanted to stop Ace from doing it.

The big question is why Whitebeard din’t want to go after Teach, but before answering this question let’s take a look at Shanks.

Why did Shanks never stop him?
Shanks came on board of Whitebeards ship to tell him how dangerous Teach is.

Like everyone else I expect he only did it trying to save Ace, because he most likely knew about his origins, but it doesn’t change the fact that Shanks saw Teach as dangerous man.
Shanks came and stopped the Marineford war directly after Teach got the destructive power of Whitebeard’s Gura Gura no Mi, but instead of getting rid off Teach he let him and his crew go.

Even here people might argue it is only, because Shanks wanted to stop the fights, I won’t go against this. But what happened during the timeskip? Did Shanks try anything to prevent the rise of the Blackbeard Pirates? No he did not.
In the end there were 2 Yonkos who should have been able to stop Teach, but they didn’t even try.
And the only answer I found is Roger.

Fools-freedom for being a D?!?
Roger and his crew managed to sail to the end of the Grand Line and reach Raftel there they learned everything about the “True History” and we can also assume that this have something to do with the D clan. Before Roger died he had a talk with Whitebeard where he told him everything about the D clan and most likely also about the “True History”. We don’t know the details, but one for sure Teach name came up.

And we all know Shanks was part of Roger’s crew and was also still in contact with everyone so obviously he also knows everything about the D clan.
Could it be that Teach has some kind of fools-freedom, because he is a member of the D. Clan? Possible especially, because recent events hinted he is not an ordinary member of the D clan.

The 4 Keyplayers to change the World
Reverie happens and the familiar One Piece World stands upon his head. A secret chamber with a giant straw hat and the introduction of Im-sama the secret ruler of the world.
And we saw that Im-sama pays special attention to Luffy, Shirahoshi, Vivi and Teach.

The first three are more or less self explained especially, if we put them into contact to what we know about the past:

1.Luffy most likely represents Joy Boy, who was most likely the leader of the group which fought against the founders of the current World Government;
2.Shirahoshi definitely represents the ancient mermaid princess, who was like Shirahoshi also known as Ancient Weapon Poseidon. Like the ancient mermaid princess was affiliated to Joy Boy, Shirahoshi is affiliated to Luffy;
3.Vivi, we don’t know much, but what we know hints more than enough. Alabasta was the latest country joining the alliance against the Ancient Kingdom. the Nefertari Family refused to live as gods in Mary Geoise and they hide a Poneglyph in their kingdom, that’s why we can assume the Nefertari Family was affiliated with Joy Boy. I would go so far to say that the ancient princess of Alabasta also played a big role during the Void Century.

We can say the ancestors of Luffy, Shirahoshi and Vivi played a huge rule during the Void Century based on this we can also assume the ancestor of Teach played a huge role during the Void Century and especially, if we take another look at the text passage we saw the first time Dragon appeared,
That which cannot be stopped:
Inherited will, (your ancestors set your way)
A man’s dream,
And the flow of time (the story repeats)
As long as man continues to seek out the answer to freedom,
These shall never be stopped
-Pirate King G. Roger-​

We can assume the descendants of the most important keyplayers of Void Century will again play a huge role. Knowing the “True History” Roger knew about it, but not only Roger also Whitebeard and Shanks and that’s why I expect Teach got some kind of fools-freedom.

-Teach is a strategist with great plan, but I think this is not the only reason why he rised so fast from a nobody to a Yonko;
-Another possible reason for Blackbeard’s fast rise is that he got some kind of fools-freedom from Whitebeard and Shanks, because of what Roger told them about the Void History;
-I expect Teach’s ancestor was a very important ally of Joy Boy(who is most likely the ancestor of Luffy) and with this is hinted that Teach has to fulfill an important role in the final war against the World Goverment.

*Theory by Nessos


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