Blackbeard’s Third and Final Devil Fruit!


As we all know, Blackbeard has the most powerful Paramecia being Gura Gura no Mi that has immense destructive power and the most powerful Logia being Yami Yami no Mi that has the power to nullify any effect of Devil Fruits, and has the power to maintain large gravity inside his logia.


If we go by all the theories according to which Blackbeard will get a third Devil Fruit, which should be a Zoan type fruit. Most people agree that the most powerful Zoan type fruit at this moment is Kaido’s Dragon type fruit.

Here, I’ve been going through mythical creatures and any myths regarding trinity and came across with an interesting matter. In Hinduism, there is a myth called Trimurti/Trideva, which states that there is a trinity that corresponds to Creator, Preserver, and Destroyer, which can be manifested in one single body.


So, if we link each Devil Fruit that Blackbeard has now, Gura Gura is for sure associated with Destruction only. Yami Yami no mi for sure is not creator, therefore, it must be Preserver (sustainer, nullifier). Which leaves only the Creator position, but Kaido’s Dragon Devil Fruit can hardly be related to creation.


Here, I have a better candidate for Creator position, which is Tori Tori no mi, Model: Phoenix. As we know, when Phoenix is reborn, it is reborn even stronger, and it can heal most of injuries, which clearly corresponds to Creation.

Yes, we already know that Whitebeard Pirates are being hunted down by Blackbeard Pirates, and another clash between Marco the Phoenix and Blackbeard is inevitable. I think that in the nearest future, Marco will be assassinated in his village, and be killed. This will give Blackbeard freakishly strong Devil Fruit. Phoenix can ignore most of incoming strikes, and heal up incredibly quickly, which will increase Blackbeard durability a lot. We know that he doesn’t bother about dodging attacks, and really slow in reacting to strikes, and the Phoenix form will add ton’s of durability to him.

Imagine Dark Phoenix form flying above, that wrecks havoc on the land by Gura Gura. Any close combat is nullified by Yami Yami, and recovered by Phoenix. This will make Blackbeard the true antagonist, that will have to be taken down by team effort of a lot of strong people.

The moment I saw this trinity myth, I immediately thought about Marco and how he might get killed. It really broke my heart.
What do you think about this theory?

*Theory by Sjuma19

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