Blackbeard’s Third Devil Fruit Power and Whitebeard’s Pattern


I noticed an interesting pattern with Blackbeard and Whitebeard.


For a long time now people have predicted and theorized that Blackbeard will get a third devil fruit, and there has been debate on what whether it might be Kaido’s, who interestingly has not been confirmed as a devil fruit user yet, although I believe it is.

Whitebeard’s top three Commanders all have one of each type of devil fruits, and even if you replace Jozu with Whitebeard himself the top three still include a Paramecia, a Zoan and a Logia.


Blackbeard already has two devil fruits from Whitebeard’s crew(he stole the Yami Yami no Mi from Commander Thatch of the Whitebeard Pirates’ 4th division after murdering him and the Gura Gura no Mi from Whitebeard) and I think him getting Marco’s fruit would benefit him far more than Kaido’s possible devil fruit.


Moreover, isn’t it rather strange that Marco was brought into the conflict of Wano?

Just him, not any of the other Whitebeard Commanders. He has no other reason to be involved in Wano if you look at the big picture, yeah to help Luffy but tons of other characters are already doing that.
Marco is Blackbeard setup. People are going on about Blackbeard coming to Wano to steal Kaido’s devil fruit, but I think him going for Marco will be far more interesting, especially since Blackbeard has no ties to Kaido. Think about all the other characters in Wano, they all tie together with Kaido: Minks and Samurai, Heart Pirates, Supernovas, Straw Hats, Big Mom Pirates and the Shogun. The Reverie has the Revolutionaries, the Marines, Shanks and the Royalty tied up together.
Where the hell does Marco fit in any of this? Blackbeard getting his final fruit.

Blackbeard specified this in his recent reintroduction, all of the great powers are starting to butt heads and he himself is just watching for now.

Marco also went into full detail right when Wano started and said that he has no reason to go to Wano when he has to protect Whitebeard’s treasure, which got people thinking that he won’t go to Wano after all. I don’t think he just isn’t going to Wano, he won’t make it to Wano. It lines up too well to me.

*Theory by jamesonferguson

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