Brook’s Yomi Yomi no Mi Awakening: The Devils Implosion


This is a dissection of the Yomi Yomi no Mi. The point of this dissection is to theorize a possible Awakening or Power Up for Brook’s Devil Fruit. I believe that upon Awakening Brook will unlock the “Master Exploder” technique or more accurately a Devil Fruit Implosion Technique.


The Yomi Yomi no Mi is different than all other shown Devil Fruits in One Piece. It’s the only known Devil Fruit that has a timing restraint. Meaning after eating it, it only made the user experience Devil  Fruit’s weaknesses, but didn’t grant the user any powers until they died. Upon dying the user is reborn in a FREE moving spirit form. Until it finds its original body (or another host presumably). The tragedy of Brook was he lost his original body and by the time he found it, it was just bones. Hence the sentient skeleton.

Aside from the skeletal body, the Yomi Yomi no Mi has granted Brook other abilities such as, musical soul manipulation or hypnosis. Access to sword abilities that create cold as a byproduct of the underworld. And a soul form for recon.


The soul form and original stipulation of the Devil Fruit will be the basis of this Awakening speculation…
When Brook currently uses his soul form, he is always shown being tethered to his corporeal body.

It’s my belief that upon awakening or mastering this technique, he will be able to break this tether, and exist entirety in a soul form. Just like after Brook died and he was held in spirit form till he found his body (or any host assuambly). I also believe that Brook will gain the ability to posses other people, creature, or objects by forcing his soul into the object or person. Like he did on his body…

So how does this technique grant a power up or make him the “Master Exploder”? Well it’s simple. Unlike most popular assumption that Devil Fruit’s abilities reside in the heart of the user (Blackbeard ate Whitebeard’s heart, Big Mom consumed Mother Carmel’s heart or whole body) Brook has no heart.. so that theory kinda debunked.
And when his soul leaves his bones, the body drops lifeless. Meaning Brook’s ability, personality, and Devil Fruit are all stored in his soul. This gives us two big power up potential for Brook:

1. The Devils Implosion – If Brook was able to sever the tether to his body, and posses other people or object like he did the first time he died. And the fact that Brook’s Devil Fruit resides in his soul. If Brook forced his soul into a current Devil Fruit user, regardless of the victim’s power, his body would explode because no person can have two fruits inside their body.

2. Devils Body and Mind – Because of Brook’s soul it would be a fair assessment to view Brook’s body or bones as more of a vehicle or weapon and not a part of Brook’s Devil Fruit… If this was the case, Brook’s bones could have a Zoan of other Devil Fruit put into them like Funkfreed or Alpacacino.

This would give Brook access to some really cool techniques… On the downside he wouldn’t necessarily be in control of the body anymore. Theoretically Brook could have Devil Fruit implanted into each bone individually, or like just his hands and feet to house 3-4 Devil Fruits… Think of it as taking Brook’s arm off, inserting a Devil Fruit then we attaching it. What do you think?

*Theory by Portgas D. Xatch

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