Buster Call and CP0 on Whole Cake Island


This theory is about a possible ending that could happen in the Whole Cake Arc as CP0 and a Buster Call could show up there.



These Guys are the Strongest Intelligence Organisation according to Nico Robin and even Monkey D. Dragon said that their strength is rapidly growing.

Whole Cake Island & Dressrosa

Back in Dressrosa we saw those 3 unknown CP0 Agents and 2 familiar faces: Rob Lucci and Spandam!!

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Rob Lucci ordered Akainu to give him 10 fleets 
“it’s for our mission ,I will take command so shut up and send out the 10 fleets now”
He also refused to save the Celestial Dragons and then ordered the Marines to issue a completion of the mission.

Speculation: Lucci is now the leader of CP0? Sabo referring to him as CP0 instead of Rob Lucci could mean that he’s the new leader.

Theory: CP0 has the same authority as Fleet Admiral Akainu could explain why he orderd Akainu.


Lucci finds out that all the weapons from the underground port were taken by the Revolutionary and the one was non other than Sabo who was in Dressrosa.

And then this happened


“It seems the Yonkou Blackbeard fled after briefly clashing with Cipher Pol.”

Rob Lucci went from Dressrosa to Baltigo to look for Dragon and then clashed with Blackbeard.
If CP0 was involved in the said battle we could say that they are extremely strong.
How did CP0 find out about Baltigo???
It was hidden even to the World Government itself. Burgess followed Sabo to Baltigo and then told Lafitte and Shiliew still doesn’t explain how CP0 found out!!

Who is the snitch? Shiliew?? Aokiji??


Blackbeard told Burgess that he still doesn’t fully trust Aokiji or Shiliew

But there was no reason why both of them would leak that information

Theory: There’s a snitch within every huge criminal organization including the Yonko crews and the Criminal Organisations. We don’t know who is with Blackbeard Kaido or Shanks but we now know who was gathering intel on Big Mom.

Whole Cake Arc: Stussy told CP0 the current situation of Wano
Let’s look at the current situation
• Big Mom weakened
• Germa 66 is also weakened by their fight with Big Mom
• Luffy and Katakuri are not at their full strength
• Smoothie and the Ministers and the rest of the Strawhats are the only ones capable to fight

Theory: The Marines could have foreseen this due to Sanji being taken away and Luffy will come and cause a scene like in Marineford so after Stussy reported Sanji being the groom the World Government and Marine knew due to his reputation Luffy will do something like this weakening Big Mom’s crew for one so they can strike at the right time.

So the CP0 and the Marines could already have been near by already setting up the Buster Call waiting for Stussy to give a signal.

How can they be in Totto Land they are in Baltigo when the arc started?
Stussy would have gotten the invitation about the Tea Party and the Wedding sometime post-Zou Arc

She could have reported this to CP0 leading them to some place nearby but they can’t be detected by Big Mom’s territory

But the newspaper would printed the Baltigo, Cipher Pol and Marines v Blackbeard Pirates within the next day giving 24hours for CP0 to reach somewhere near Big Mom’s territory

Now Stussy is in flour island did she already send the signal

Big News Morgans was wispering

“Oi lay off it. Their chance of surviving this will take another hit.”

Could it be possible that Stussy told Morgans about CP0 and a Buster call already being in Totto Land?
He also said “Their” did he mean Strawhats and Big Mom Pirates will take another hit from the upcoming threat

Stussy also told Baron Tomago about Tamatebako Box which they were surprised to find out

They were with the Marines so it’s also possible that a marine fleet or a buster call could go Totto Land with Rob Lucci and CP0 and an Admiral could possibly be Ryokugyu Fujitora or even Kizaru or maybe all 3!!!

The end of Whole Cake Island 
“Just an idea”
Big Mom is out at Liquor Island! Smoothie and some other Commanders are chasing the Stawhats

Big Mom fleets get attacked by The Buster Call. Smoothie will turn the fleet around to attack the Navy fleet

Big Mom is at Liquor Island (Oda could have trolled by making Big Mom drunk) she is about to eat the cake she finds out that the Buster Call she gets up she’s could still be weak from because she couldn’t fully eat the cake

All the Commanders guarding the mirror are called to fight the fleet giving Sanji a perfect opportunity to save Luffy

Luffy is knocked out and Katakuri is also knocked out. Sanji gets Luffy and goes out of the mirror world. No one is there everyone was called to fight the Buster Call. Sanji could tell Jinbe to set sail to Cacao Island

Sanji takes Luffy to the Fire Tank Pirates ship and the Sunny go comes and they go sneak out on the other side

This is just a variation of how things could go


Ok so I think Big Mom will somehow be outnumbered and outmatched due to her being weak and only one of her Commanders being able to fight so she could lose.

Reverie could start with Akainu or the World Government telling the Council that One of the 4 Emperors Charlotte Linlin “BIG MOM” being taken down and officially declaring war against the other 3 Yonkos.

*Theory by King of beasts kaido

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