Chapter 1014 confirms that the Reincarnation of Joy Boy is not Luffy!


In chapter 972, Oden tells Wano to open up its borders so that they can accommodate the individual who has traversed through 800 years, who we know to be the supposed reincarnation of JoyBoy.


Many assume this person to be Luffy. But I don’t think so.

It is said that Poseidon and this reincarnation of Joy Boy will meet in the future. Luffy does fit the bill. But coincidentally, another character who I think will fit the role perfectly, is Vivi.


Alabasta and Joy Boy


I believe Alabasta had a good relationship with the Ancient Kingdom 900 years ago. This is because of the presence of the Poneglyph of Pluton’s location in Alabasta.

Think back. Pretty much every single Poneglyph we’ve seen in the story, were located in places or with people we know had a good relationship with the Ancient Kingdom. The Minks, Kozuki Clan, Fishmen etc. So it would make sense for the Alabasta kingdom to have had a good relationship with the Ancient Kingdom.

This also goes well, with the fact that the king of Alabasta stayed in the surface, instead of going up to Mariejois with the others.

The Reverie and Im

The Gorosei asked Im about who he/she wanted erased from history, with Imu presumably wanting Vivi to be erased. I think so because he/she was holding Vivi’s picture. Why Vivi ?

We also know that something involving the Alabasta kingdom happened at the Reverie. I think Nefertari Cobra was killed by the World Government ,because of him raising questions about Poneglyphs, Pluton or maybe even the Void Century.

The blame of his murder was placed on the Revolutionary Army, specifically Sabo, who had attacked the Reverie. The World Government also tried killing Vivi due to Imu’s orders, but Sabo saved her in the end, getting himself captured in the effort. The World Government has captured Sabo and are going to execute him.

Sabo saved Vivi and sent her away with Karasu, Morley and the other members of the Revolutionary Army.

The Revolutionary Army In Wano

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