Chapter 1044 shows how Kaido has been nothing short of an absolute phenomenon this arc!


To put it in numbers, Kaido at the beginning of his 4th battle against Luffy has lost about 12.8k out of his 1 million HP and he’s had barely any rest (literally ONE panel where he sits on a rock) and NOTHING to eat. Just sake (and he’s STILL carrying the island lmao). Luffy comes back healed and rested and well-fed at full HP and stamina while his Conqueror’s Haki keeps getting stronger and the duel resumes.


Now Kaido finally feels like he’s fighting someone worth fighting. After how many ever minutes of fighting a goofy-looking drunk Kaido who just looks like he’s having fun, Luffy runs out of stamina and decides to bet it all on one final attack. Kaido, sensing that the battle has reached its climax, prepares for his final clash. In comes, the CP0 agent to ruin both their fun and Kaido wins unsatisfactorily.

Kaido then (maybe) kills the agent and goes down to announce Luffy’s(4th) defeat. The remnants of the raids fight back, defiant, and Kaido deals with them (while still carrying the island LMAO). Meanwhile, something strange is happening to Luffy.


Now, in Chapter 1044, Luffy’s devil fruit has awakened, his Conqueror’s Haki is stronger than it’s ever been, this man just dancing on the rooftop is knocking out Beasts Pirates fodder in the performance hall.


What I’ve gathered from what the Five Elders have said and what Luffy has done is the following:

  • Luffy is still rubber, but can now turn his surroundings into rubber Luffy’s physical stats (strength, speed, etc.) have “exponentially improved” as is the case with any Zoan Awakening.
  • The Conqueror’s Haki Coating of his is probably stronger too because of his Conqueror’s Haki is stronger.

Kaido gets throttled by Nika-Luffy and has his blast breath reflected back to him. After EVERYTHING this man has been through, he now has to fight who is EASILY the strongest version of Luffy we’ve ever seen in the series.

In the second-last panel, Kaido, showing NO signs of weakness, hurt, or exhaustion, simply says “Sorry about that. Let’s get on with it.” as he proceeds to prepare for his 5th duel with Luffy (and he’s STILL carrying the island lmao).

Kaido has been nothing short of an absolute phenomenon this arc and we haven’t even gotten to his flashback yet. I simply can’t wait to see what more he has to offer, apart from all this. Like goddamn, can this guy even lose even if it’s not one on one?

*by CrowStealsAMango

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