Chapter 1067 confirms Kuma is currently connected to Vegapunk


I just got the idea: what if Vegapunk modified Kuma in a way, that Kuma is connected to Punk Records a.k.a. Vegapunk.


Vegapunk has the wish to connect all people to one brain but couldn’t do it so far. But maybe he can and already did it once, but he wasn’t happy with the result… What if he could do it, but only by performing heavy changes on person, like he did with Kuma. I think he was able to connect Kuma to Punk Records but “failed” because Kuma wasn’t himself after that anymore.

When Vegapunk realized that, he discarded the experiment as a tragic failure. Nontheless, Kuma was connected to Punk Records and was therefore sharing Information with Vegapunk and following orders.


  • This plays into Vegapunk’s and Dragon’s plans, because during the time, when Kuma was a slave in the Holy Land of Mary Geoise, he could transmit a ton of valuable information to Vegapunk.
  • When Shaka said to the other punks, that they should get ready to fight, Kuma started to run.
  • Through Kuma, Vegapunk could get information about the fighting style of all Shichibukai and build the Seraphims (Kuma met and saw all of them at the Paramount War).
  • In the old picture of Vegapunk and Kuma – when we where told about the changes Vegapunk performed on Kuma – Vegapunk is seen standing above Kuma’s head as if he is about to grab his head. Maybe because he was about to perform brain changes on Kuma that connected him to Punk Records.

The question would be, whether Dragon knows about it or not – my guess is, that nobody knows.

*Theory by Prestigious-Ad9680

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