Charlotte Katakuri’s Future: Exile from Tottoland?


Sweet Commander Snack was just demoted from his rank as Sweet Commander but after everything that has happened this arc what is the fate of Charlotte Katakuri??? Exile?? What will be his future?


Aftermath of Whole Cake Island Arc

Katakuri will have to take most of the blame for the Strawhats escape so after Big Mom eats the cake and returns to normal he’d have to deal with her.

Why will Katakuri take the blame?

Defeat to Monkey D.Luffy – An intense battle with everything on the line for Katakuri and Luffy

Katakuri vs Luffy

While this will be one of the greatest fights of One Piece until now, Katakuri will be one of few who gave Luffy a beating of a life time.


“Yes.. endure it and stand back up.”

Katakuri had multiple chances to end Luffy but he let Luffy be get back up and even stabbed himself in the same place where he stabbed Luffy after realizing that Charlotte Flampe shot Luffy and caused him to lose focus, he even shouted at her and then knock her out with Conqueror’s Haki.

He let Luffy win. In my honest opinion he endured all those attacks while he had multiple chances to kill him and then later told Luffy to come back and defeat Big Mom.

“Big News” Morgans’ big scoop!

Morgans hit the jackpot with the biggest scoop of the decade!!

The newspaper would likely focus on how Luffy a man with 500,000,000 bounty beat Katakuri who worth more than double that with 1,056,000,000!?
And also Katakuri who has future sight being undefeated until know so the second strongest Big Mom Pirate defeated against a Super Rookie. This will anger Big Mom surely!



Charlotte Flampe knows his his secret. Will his perfect image be ruined by Charlotte Flampe?
Charlotte Katakuri has a perfect image and reputation throughout Tottoland and even had a Fan Club.
After he showed his face, Flampe lost her respect for him and started laughing at him. Flampe even took pictures of him before he and Luffy knocked her out with Conqueror’s Haki.



After she wakes up she’ll most likely leak those pictures to the whole Tottoland and Katakuri’s image will be ruined for life as well as his respect amongst his family


Big Mom will definitely punish him for his actions. What will she do to Katakuri?? Exile!!?

“you’re just a lowly kid of mine, don’t overstep your..!!”

Big Mom will turn to normal and find the wreckage of what has happened.
She’d also find out that Charlotte Katakuri lost but that sounds outrageous. Katakuri will explain his actions to Big Mom but he won’t be forgiven.

So what’s his punishment??


High stakes, but Katakuri doesn’t fear Big Mom unlike the rest of her children
So what can she do?


Oda has left some clues that could determine that he will be exiled.
One clue is Charlotte Flampe releasing the pictures of his face which would lead his siblings discriminate him for his appearance meaning that he won’t be respected he’d just be criticized and laughed at though he could beat them up like in his flashback.
Other one being that he would most likely explain his actions to Big Mom but she can’t take his soul nor capture him but again after his perfect image in Tottoland is ruined her children could tell Big Mom to kick him out due to his appearance saying that he’s not good enough to be a Charlotte so Big Mom could potentially exile him from Tottoland.
He might be the 2nd strongest but she considers him a lowly child so to her he’s not that special.

Katakuri already saw his future!

In the final moment of his battle he could have foreseen his future of being exiled from Tottoland.

He was extremely protective towards Big Mom this arc but “will you came back to defeat Big Mom”??

Could this be foreshadowing that he won’t be in Tottoland next time to protect Big Mom. I think that he saw that he would be exiled and he asked Luffy that question because he believes that Luffy will beat Big Mom


1.New Shichibukai?

Ok so there are 2 vacant spots and the World Government was willing to offer these positions to people like Ace and Weevil who carry the bloodlines of Roger and Whitebeard so why not offer a position to a member of the Charlotte Family espicially someone worth 1B? Someone who has future sight?

2.His own Pirate Crew?

Mochi Pirates, Jellybean Pirates or the the Dogtooth Pirates?!!
If the same happens to Smoothie and Cracker it’s gonna be one hell of a crew!

3.Strawhat Ally?

I’m leaning towards Katakuri4Nakama but he’d most likely end up an ally in the future after he’s developed a new born respect towards Luffy believing that he’d defeat Big Mom.

*Theory by King of beasts kaido

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