Charlotte Lola’s Unexpected Husband


The last cover stories are about Bege’s and Chiffon’s trip to meet Charlotte Lola, Chiffon’s twin sister.


Thriller Bark was the last place where we saw Lola, and she was desperately looking for a husband.

Now thanks to 2 cover pages, I think that she’s married now:

Chapter 837


Chapter 838


“At a wedding that takes place within the ruins of a certain island”.

Currenty in the story, there are 4 main Red Hair Pirates whom One Piece readers are familiar with: Shanks, Ben Beckman, Lucky Roo and Yasopp.

The only one of those four who doesn’t appear in any of the two cover pages is Lucky Roo.

Moreover, I want you to check the background of 838’s cover. It’s a western themed island. Lucky Roo’s name was inspired by the famous cartoon cowboy Lucky Luke. There’s also a house with a cross on top of it. We saw crosses pretty much everywhere in Thriller Bark.

Also, Charlotte Lola is very good at cooking, as her sister said in Whole Cake Island arc. Lucky Roo is fat and loves eating.

Lola being Lucky Roo’s wife will play a big role in Elbaf being Shanks’ arc. We know that Lola caused a problem between Big Mom and Elbaf. She refused to marry Loki the Prince of Elbaf.

So I think that it was Lucky Roo’s and Charlotte Lola’s wedding.

*Theory by Admiral Ryokugyu

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