There is something I noticed: Chopper has unlocked his awakened state. With his Rumble Ball he is able to turn into a giant monster which is a bit similar to the guards of Impel Down.


The only thing is that he can’t do it naturally yet and requires the Rumble Ball which has bad side effects. In the past it made him wild and dangerous and now it just only lasts a few minutes but leaves him completly immobilized. However despite this drawback the power is still amazing.

Kaido wants an army of unstoppable zoan warriors and had turned to Doffy and Caesar to produce him smiles.

A lot of fans suspect that Nico Robin will be a target for the Yonko as she is the only known person who can actually read the ancient writings and find the One Piece. But the same could go for Chopper.

If Kaido somehow gained information that Chopper created a drug that activates awakened forms in zoans I would say Kaido would send out his army to capture him and make him mass produce the Rumble Ball.


This will probably happen at Wano, if Chopper uses the Rumble Ball in battle Kaido’s forces will take note of it and report back.

The story arc after Wano could essentially be the Straw Hats trying to protect and/or rescue Chopper from Kaido.

*Theory by Sniper king ussop

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