Comparison Of Emperors and Admirals’ Greatest Feats


This is for all the people who like power scaling and want a good comparison for the top tiers of the verse.


This will be a list of what I presume to be their best feats, so we can evaluate what they can do at their best. For each faction, I’ll go over the feats of their devil fruit abilities, physical abilities, and haki abilities.


Devil Fruit Abilities:

Aokiji touches Jozu, a top Yonko commander one time, and 1 shots him


Aokiji instantly freezes two giant tsunamis


Aokiji freezes an ocean in an instant

Akainu and aokiji can create Ice mountains and Volcanoes, and change weather conditions permanently

Akainu can create a magma punch strong enough to match Whitebeard’s quake attack

Akainu takes off half of Whitebeard’s head with his Devil Fruit attack after being blind sided

Akainu’s meteor volcano has great aoe and is devastating

Kizaru destroys a huge chunk or a mangrove in one kick

Kizaru can kick at the speed of light using his devil fruit

Kizaru can move at the speed of light with his fruit

Kizaru’s yasakani no magatama has great aoe and is devastating

Fujitora can summon meteors, and this is what half of one did to the ground. Fujitora deflected the other half with his gravity

Fujitora lifted an entire countries worth of rubble

Physical abilities:

Akainu stopping a quake enhanced bisento with one foot

Kizaru holding down Whitebeard’s bisento to prevent him from attacking again, with one foot

Kizaru went toe to toe against Rayleigh

Aokiji only gets a small lip bleed from a blind side to the face by haki laced diamond

Akainu gets hit twice by the most powerful attacks in the story and continues fighting moments later

Fujitora can block Luffy’s Gear 3rd attacks with ease and without using Armament

Fujitora speed blitzes Gear 2nd Luffy

Haki Abilities:

Aokiji proficiently morfs his body to evade an attack, which seems to indicate Advanced Observation

Kizaru proficiently morfs his body to evade an attack, which seems to indicate Advanced Observation

Akainu proficiently morfs his body to evade an attack, which seems to indicate Advanced Observation

Akainu again seemingly proficiently evaded an attack, which seems to indicate Advanced Observation

All 3 Admirals using Advanced Armament Haki


Devil Fruit Abilities:

After gaining Whitebeard’s fruit, Blackbeard can seemingly create just as devastating quake attacks

Blackbeard can do this same move as Whitebeard, which has great aoe

Blackbeard can pull in people with DF’s by the power of his own dark fruit

Blackbeard can seemingly nullify attacks as big as Ace’s “Entei”

Big Mom grabs Zeus and clashed evenly with Gear 3rd Luffy and Sanji using a powerful kick

Prometheus gets huge and incinerates that big tree guy and a decent part of the seducing woods

Armament Haki can’t effect Big Moms main Homies

Prometheus grows large enough to dwarf the Sunny

Kaido uses heat breathe to destroy the top part of a mountain

Zeus can fly extremely fast

Big Mom one shots Judge using thunder bolt

Physical Abilities:

Big Mom kills several giant warriors of Elbaf at 5 years old

Big Mom shatters the ground with an electricity punch

Big Mom using Elbaf Spear can create a powerful shockwave through sheer strength alone

Big Mom tanks an amped attack from Zeus and takes little to no damage

Big Mom legit eats Judge’s attack

Kaido tanks a kong organ from Luffy and takes little to no damage

Kaido then proceeds to speed blitz one shot Bounce Man Luffy

Kaido falls from Sky Island and takes little to no damage

Blackbeard tanks 2 flame spears from Ace during their fight and continues to fight

Blackbeard gets quake explosioned to the face after getting slashed on his shoulder and isn’t KO’d

Big Mom easily blocks an attack from Bounce Man Luffy

With 1 chop to the neck, Blackbeard almost breaks Ace’s neck

Shanks blocks Akainu’s casual punch

Shanks clashed evenly with Whitebeard

Haki Abilities:

Shanks’ Conqueror’s Haki is so strong it cracks wood

Shanks’ Armament is strong enough to not have his sword be melted by Akainu’s magma

Big Mom’s Conqueror’s Haki destroys rockets

Big Mom’s Armament is at bare minimum as strong as Luffy’s……duh

So, are these two factions in the same tier? Or is one stronger than the other? What do you think?

*Theory by sasukeuchiha02

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