Connection between Conqueror’s Haki and Voice of All Things


What purpose does Voice of All Things serve in the story of One Piece?


Luffy has Nico Robin who is currently the only person in world with the ability to read and decipher Poneglyphs, a skill which is essential for Luffy to understand the true history.

The Voice of All Things refers to the words conveyed by inanimate objects and animals that don’t speak the human language. Although these words are usually either inaudible or unintelligible to humans, there exists an innate ability that allows a person to perceive these words and to understand and gain information through them. For example, it is possible to use this ability to gain information from the Poneglyphs.


Furthermore, as we saw with Momonuske and Zunisha, some people are able to converse with the voice and, in case it belongs to an animal, might even be able to command it.


According to my perspective, the Voice of All Things is a key power that helps the user to not only understand and hear even the voice from an inanimate object, but also holds the power to command/reason with species that do not speak your language.

This got me thinking, just like Observation Haki and Armament Haki have been shown to have different abilities/levels.

Then, what about Conqueror’s Haki? I feel, the ultimate perfection of Conqueror’s Haki gives the user a complete control of the Voice of All Things.

I know a lot of you may be immediately questioning about Shanks. But.. Let me put it this way, the Voice of All Things is not a result of Conqueror’s Haki, however, unlocking it or should I say having a full conscious control over that power requires you to master your Conqueror’s Haki to a whole new level.
And I also believe, active use of this power is going to be a major factor in the Final War.

*Theory by bibek070

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