I believe that the World Government is the absolute ruler of the One Piece World.

At its full power it can crush the four Yonko together but they don’t want to do it. They didn’t “create” them literally either but they want them to stay. In fact, what’s happening right now in the One Piece world is quite similar to what’s happening in the real world, a large organization creates smaller armed militia-like groups that fights between each other so that the World Government can eliminate those who disobey it. That’s why the World Government is the absolute main antagonist of the series [it’s not Teach or Sakazuki as both of them are mere tools in their hands].

There are unbelievably many benefits of having the Yonko system active without eliminating them:

1 – Yonko Tension

2 – The Yonko Cleaning Service

3 – Revolutionaries and CP0

Let’s take each one of them and explain it :

1. [ Yonko Tension ]

As long as the system is active, the four most powerful criminals the Yonko, won’t ever think about overthrowing the Government or even attacking, angering, or threating the Mariejois and the Celestial Dragons because every single one of them would be extremely cautious of the other. This note was focused in the manga when Whitebeard was trying to attack a part of the Government and Kaido tried to ambush him immediately, if it wasn’t for Shanks, Kaido and Whitebeard could have gone into a large scale war that would extremely weaken them to the point where they will become vulnerable to a strike from the Government or Big Mom. That’s the main big reason why the Government want this Yonko system active. To hit two birds with one stone. Using your foe’s power to eliminate another.

2. [ The Yonko Cleaning Service ]

After the two years time skip  the Yonko become far more useful tools to the Government than any time before. To understand the basics of piracy & crime in the New World, one must know that after every era passes, tons of thousands of pirates enter the second half of the grandline. as we all know the supreme power and control of the World Government is only centered around Mariejois, the 3 triangle [ Marineford – Impel Down – Enies Lobby ] and several other bases in the 1st half of the Grandline [ Paradise ]. So why there’s absolutely no or rarely any power present at the New World? How can the new pirates, Supernovas and other criminals be stopped, who would eliminate them? Answer is : The Yonko. Since the timeskip, the Celestial Dragons, the 5 Gorosei, the admirals and the fleet admiral they all sat down at Mariejois doing absolutely nothing major about the Worst Generation other than doing two specified things. Sending Smoker, and sending Issho due to Doflamingo’s abuse of Mariejois’s secret. At the same time, the dirty work was left to the Yonko. We saw that :

» Teach destroyed Marco’s army and power. He eliminated the Whitebeard remnants. He destroyed Baltigo as well. He managed to draw the smile on the Government’s face.

» Kaido destroyed one of the largest pirate alliances in the New World led by 4 Supernovas [ Kidd – Killer – Apoo – Hawkens ] easily eliminating a huge future threat to the Government. Kaido neutralized Apoo and X Drake. And he will be the large wall in front of the rest of the Worst Generation before they turn their attention to the Government. Kaido’s most important ally, Doflamingo had a relationship with the Celestial Dragons and he as well was a stone in front of the Worst Generation. I must note that Wano, which is under the role of Kaido’s other ally the Shogun couldn’t be touched by the Marine. That could maybe because they don’t want to intervene in the Yonko war against the Worst Generation. Their main goal after all that both Kaido and Luffy destroy each other. Whomever wins, the Government win.

» Big Mom neutralized Capone and he revolted against her. She sent Snack and Cracker to beat Urouge, kicked out Kidd, Killer, Apoo, did a significant damage to Luffy. And in return, Luffy with Urouge, Germa and Capone neutralized the shit out of her and her crew. They did a huge damage to Snack, Cracker, several ministers, injuring Perospero etc.. so both suffered while the Government is just chilling out at Mariejois. And even though her security and information capabilities are extremely high, CP0 managed to gather all what’s needed from her. Mother Carmel knew that a mindless kid like Linlin would ultimately benefit the Government as a pirate or a marine it doesn’t even matter. CP0 didn’t have to pay for her lmao.

3.[ Revolutionaries and CP0 ]

Another benefit from letting this system alive is to make the Revolutionaries busy from continuing to gather power and conquer countries against the Government. We saw that Blackbeard did invade Baltigo after the timeskip. It doesn’t matter how many casualties occurred during the invasion, the Government won many things from that invasion. They managed to locate the Revolutionaries’ HQ and they did send the CP0 to get further information of Dragon’s whereabouts. Whatever Dragon was going to do before Teach’s attack was delayed. The Yonkos are more useful for the Government and CP0. We saw that CP0 have various ways of working with the Yonko without the latters knowing. We saw them at Baltigo locating Revolutionaries thanks to Teach. We saw them at Whole Cake Island stealing Fishman Island Box and receiving more information thanks to Linlin. Even with their powerful “security” and Katakuri’s future sight being there, the Government have ears and eyes everywhere.

At last it’s really unnecessary to mention few things flowing in my mind right now which is really… mysterious.. but I will mention few of them :

– Katakuri didn’t receive a single hit for many years. Undefeated since birth. How did he never encounter anyone powerful ?

– Cracker’s Wanted Poster shows the fake one. No one have seen his real face.

– Doflamingo is a warlord who supplied a Yonko.

– Mihawk and Buggy are warlords who befriended a Yonko

– Teach is a warlord who became a Yonko

It seems that there’s little to no conflicts between the Government, warlords and Yonko at all. Cracker’s wrong poster just proves that. The only conflict was Whitebeard and it’s because of Ace being captured by Teach directly and not the Government. As the son of Roger, it was necessary to eliminate him as well. Roger was the “Luffy” of that time and if a Yonko stands “WITH” Luffy he won’t be antagonist and he should possess a threat to the Government. Whitebead was helping the protagonist at that time.

You might say Shanks wont be an antagonist too so how he would help the Government?

Shanks is not someone the Government would let roam free. The reason why he’s not “feared” that much is because of his peaceful nature. But I shall note that the Worst Generation targeting him and his tension with Teach will be a great help for the WG. Both Teach and Shanks, 2 Yonko would target each other.

At last just look from above, the World Government always wins no matter who win or lose.

*Theory by Edward Teach

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