Could this Woman be Luffy’s Mother?


We already know that Dragon will have a large role to play in the story of One Piece, but has anybody given any thought about who Luffy’s mother might be or what her role in history might’ve been or if she’s dead or is she covering up?


As we never heard about her, she probably has a big secret than even Garp doesn’t want to reveal and we can think that she is not dead when Luffy was born (maybe later) because Garp would very probably inform Luffy that his mother is dead.
Maybe she is wanted by the World Government and she gave up Luffy in order to let him free from a non stop escaping or to just pursue her plan.

Anyway Oda did say he would make Luffy’s parents appear in volume 44 SBS, Chapter 440:

D: Oda-sensei!! I have a serious question. Will you ever draw Luffy’s parents?

Oda: His parents? They’ve already been drawn. And they’ll appear in the next volume. Look forward to it.

Could this woman be Luffy’s mother?
Do you think she will be relevant to the story and ever be shown? If so, what is her position? Share your thoughts.

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