CP9’s Independent Report


CP9’s Independent Report is the tenth mini-series created as a side story on the title pages of each One Piece chapter. The story is set after the events of the Enies Lobby Arc.

Surviving the annihilation of Enies Lobby through Blueno’s Air Door, the members of Cipher Pol 9, with the exception of Spandam, are forced to travel to St. Poplar and work to pay Rob Lucci’s medical costs.

After his recovery, CP9 goes to a bowling alley. There, a commotion outside alerts them of the invading Candy Pirates. CP9 easily defeats the Candy Pirates, while showing “excessive justice”. They know they must leave the island now, but a girl comes and gives a beautiful flower to Kalifa, as a thank you for saving them.

CP9 returns to their homeland where the future generation of Cipher Pol is being trained. The Marines, lead by Captain Very Good, show up to capture CP9, but CP9 will not stand by and let anyone disturb their homeland and quickly defeats the Marines. Spandam, in his intensive care unit, receives a phone call from his former subordinate, Rob Lucci, who says that someday they will return for him – likely for revenge since Spandam was the one who blamed CP9 for the failure of the mission and sent the Marines after them. They are on a hijacked boat with the body parts of Very Good scattered around them. Panicked, Spandam and his father, Spandine, then plot the obliteration of CP9.

CP9 claims the Marine ship brought by Very Good and leaves their home island, sailing off into the distance with the flower of beauty and goodwill symbolically planted in the earth of their childhood home.

Here is the full Story (Colored Version): 


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