Creation of the Original Whitebeard Pirates and their Downfall


I did a theory on Whitebeard where I said that he did not show up at Marineford with the Original Whitebeard Pirates


Which makes a lot of sense when you look at his Timeline:


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The Rookie Edward Newgate


Edward Newgate before he was known as the Legendary Whitebeard was 22 and was a Rookie and on a normal crew. Due to being an orphan who grew up in poverty, Newgate has a strong desire for a Family. In adulthood, unlike his comrades who loved treasure and riches, he only desired a family and saw that as the greatest treasure.


Part of the Rocks

Whitebeard was 32 years of Age and had at least 15 – 20 years of experience
as a Pirate. I believe this is a point where Whitebeard lost his sight of his dreams of starting a family and was a ruthless pirate who still provided for his hometown and he was on the same Crew as:

Kaido – Confirmed
 to be in the Same Crew as Big Mom, he finds her as threat meaning they could have had a falling out and he owes her a lifelong debt;

Big Mom – Confirmed to be in the Same Crew as Kaido , she openly told Kaido to get along with her like the old days. This could be referring to her time with the Rocks;

Miss Bakkin – Confirmed to be in the same crew as Whitebeard 40 years ago and proclaims herself as the “Lover of Whitebeard”;

Shakky – Not Confirmed but Garp chased her 40 years ago, same time he took down the Rocks, so it could mean she was apart of the Legendary Pirate Crew.


Whitebeard would be 42 and it’s been 10 Years after Garp took down the Rocks Pirates and he still hasn’t recruited Marco and the rest.

Glimpse of the Old Whitebeard Pirates

Whitebeard was NOT the only one who took a stand against the people invading his Hometown. There were others.
Where are they now?
When We saw Marco there was no one other than him protecting the island.
I believe they were with Whitebeard when he set sail and they joined the Rocks and after he created the Whitebeard Pirates.
What happened to the Original Whitebeard Pirates?
That picture was the first image where there were 2 other kids with a young Whitebeard
“Again this a just a speculation”
Those 2 were the Original 1st and 2nd Division Commanders

When Whitebeard created the Crew, it was the Time where he was at the Top with Gol D. Roger and Shiki the Golden Lion.
Both the Commanders were also a part of the Rocks making them the strongest crew at the time.
The other 2 members were Big Mom and Kaido and at the time Big Mom was creating Totto Land.
Roger Pirates are known for being extremely dangerous as they don’t hesitate to kill as they once killed all of Squard’s Crew and left him alive.

And according to Shanks they were constantly at war when Shanks was a kid on Roger’s Ship so I think that Roger Pirates during a Battle with the Whitebeard Pirates killed their 2nd Division Commander.
Ok so Whitebeard should have killed Roger for it but why didn’t he?
It was a casualty of war and it wasn’t in cold blood like Teach killed Tatch and Rocks were ruthless too. Whitebeard would have done the same when he dominated the seas with the Rocks.
I think this a point where he realised he lost sight of his dream.
Whitebeard did Not want to take revenge by starting a war again but his 1st Commander didn’t agree and wanted to take revenge which led to him leaving the crew and Whitebeard was with no Commanders and after that he could have decided to start creating his family.

Did they Fight?
It’s possible after Roger’s death he wanted to hunt down the Roger Pirates but Whitebeard stopped him and this battle could be where Whitebeard got his 2 new scars on his chest. The Commander went into hiding after Whitebeard stopped him from going after the Retired Roger Pirates.

Tiny clues to help
• Whitebeard told Squard that he understood how it felt meaning that Whitebeard experienced something similar

• Whitebeard honoured his 2nd Division Commander by not giving the second division a Commander until Ace. When Ace asked if Whitebeard would kick him out due to him and Roger being enemies in the past, Whitebeard simply stated that his past does not matter, as everyone is a “child of the sea”.

Recruited Marco and all the Known Whitebeard Pirates

So Big the question is: Is the First Commander the Lurking Legend?

He was a part of the Rocks Pirates and the Original 1st Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates.

*Theory by King of beasts kaido

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