Current and Future Admirals – Theory


Which information do the Chinese Zodiacs give us about the past, current and future Admirals?!?

Many have allready noticed that aliases of the Admirals based on a color and the name of an animal based of the Chinese Zodiacs.


With this information I will try to foreshadow, if Borsalino will be replaced before EoS(End of Series) and who may end up being the 3 EoS Admirals.

The Admirals we know
Let us beigin with the Admirals we know. The 3 Admirals pre TS(Timeskip) were:
Kuzan alias Blue Pheasant(Rooster)

Borsalino alias Yellow Monkey


Sakazuki alias Red Dog

During the TS Sakazuki became the Fleet Admiral and Kuzan left the Navy. The 2 missing spots were filled by:
Issho alias Wisteria(Violet) Tiger

Unknown alias Green Bull(Ox)

After taking a look at the current cycle

you may notice that pre TS trio is sticking together and also the 2 new Admirals sticking together, so there is the possibility that Borsalino might be replaced. Another point to mention there are 4 pssible Trios(12:3=4), but based on the current placement not all Trios can stick together! At this point there is no confirmation that Borsalino will be replaced and that the Orange Admiral have to be the Rabbit or the Rat! But did you know there are allready 3 more Marines following the Chinese Zodiac Theme? With them I can foreshadow the 3 Trios!

The 3 Trios
Yeah there were 3 more marines fitting the Zodiac theme and also have to do with the Admirals. Oda mentioned there were 2 more candidates for the Admiral positions, who end up being not selected and he also revealed their aliases.
Tokikake alias Brown Pig

Gion alias Peach(Pink) Rabbit

Another one to mention is Sengoku! Do you remember that there was Goat next to him the first time he appeard?

And based on the fact that his ability refering to the color gold

I would assume that was called Gold Goat during his time as Admiral.

If we remove the Pig, the Rabbit and the Goat from the cycle you will see there are 3 Trios left.

This let me think these will be the 3 important trios of the Storyline.

  1. The pre TS Trio
    Yellow Monkey – Blue Pheasant(Rooster) – Red Dog
  2. The post TS Trio
    Orange Rat – Green Bull(Ox) – Wisteria(Violet) Tiger
  3. The EoS Trio
    Dragon – Snake – Horse

And if you take a look at the Pig the Rabbit and the Goat you may notice their positions also backs up this idea.
If you add the Goat to the pre TS Trio you will see the Goat before the Trio.

This would fit fit, because the Goat end up being the Fleet Admiral of the pre TS Trio.
And if you add the Pig and the Rabbit to the post TS Trio, you will see that the Pig is the one before and the Rabbit the one after.

This way all post TS Admirals candidates sticking together.(Than you could also add the Dog before the Pig and than the current Fleet Admiral standing in front of the Pig).
Does the circle also give us hints why he might get replaced and who may end up being the EoS Trio?

The replacement of Borsalino
(From now on it will be a bit speculative and people might end up interpreting things another way, please tell me your thoughts in the discussion thread or in your review!)
There 2 things to mention about the Chinese Zodiac circle:

  1. People matches the Zodiacs on the opposite side are not matching well and
  2. people matches every 4th Zodiac are matching well

To visualize this I colored every 4th with the same color(I think the opposite is easy enough to follow)

If we know look at point 2, its another hint that the Rat will replace the Monkey! We can also see the Tiger as replacement for the Dog both standing for justice!
And now look who is the opposite of the Monkey! It is the Tiger and he is not only the opposite in the Chinese Zodiac, Yellow is also the complement of violett! This let me think there might be a dispute between Borsalino and Issho(maybe during Reverie) and if this will happen Sakazuki might support Issho and than Borsalino might retreat.
Interisting point to mention what does the cycle tell us about Green Bull? He is the next Kuzan, so he may travel on his own and may break some rules. And the Bull is the opposite of the Goat. Maybe he was against the politics of Sengoku!

The EoS Trio
The Dragon is the opposite of the Dog, so he might be someone who is against Sakazuki and referes to a Dragon, this one could be Sabo!

People might say, Sabo is from the RA he will never be part of the WG/Navy, but we are talking about EoS and the RA might have fused with the WG after the Final War Arc. Sabo hates Sakazuki, because he killed Ace and his attacks are Dragon based.

I think he will be called the Azure Dragon, it would fit the color of his clothes and like many others I think Sabo might be able to improve the power of the Mera Mera no Mi and turning the flames blue.

For the Snake I see currently Smoker!

He has an attack named “White Snake”.

Here’s another hint for Smoker resembling the Snake! There is a Coverpage where you can see Smoker smoking together with a Snake!

The Snake is the opposite of the Pig, Tokikake is describe being loved by the people and Smoker was always feared. Smoker also breaks often the rules and is travelling on his own, which fit with the Kuzan placement! Based on his clothes he might be named the Mint Snake.
Only one left the Horse. It have to be someone standing for justice. The one I see in this position is noone else than Coby!

The opposite of the Horse is the Rat, well we don’t know the Rat now, but if my theory comes true, the Rat have to be a bad guy, because Coby is a good guy! Based on his her colored he might be named Rose Horse!

With this we get following colored circle!

Based on my interpretation of the chinese Zodiacs, Borsalino might be replaced by someone who will be called the Orange Rat.
The Zoiacs also gave me an idea who might end up being the 3 EoS Admirals!
Sabo alias Azure Dragon
Smoker alias Mint Snake
Coby alias Rose Horse

*Theory by Nessos


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