Current Location of All Major Characters in Onigashima (Chapter 1038)


Pretty packed chapter so let’s start:

  • Raizo and Fukurokuju are both on fire now, but neither is down yet.
  • We see Jinbe has made it to the 2nd floor, and is helping random samurai get down to the live floor (Heat and Wire are not seen with Jinbe so I left them in the 4th floor, but they are likely somewhere else by now).
  • Zoro can’t move and meets the grim reaper, no idea what is going on but that’s what happened.
  • Franky is still in the right brain tower, but he’s looking for Zoro (he separated from Bepo).
  • Izo defeated his opponents and jumped to B1. He meets CP-0 there.
  • Yamato meets Kazenbo by the explosives, they start fighting. Kazenbo mentions Orochi’s name for some reason.
  • More Kid and Law vs Big Mom. Big Mom tries to leave to the roof but is stopped.
  • Law’s crew, that I still don’t know how they got to Onigashima, is in the live floor(not Bepo’s group) and they are taken out by Big Mom.
  • Marco was moved to unknown since he was heading to Kazenbo with Izo, but he just disappeared with no explanation.

With the way the plot is heading, it’s nice to get a good reminder as to where everybody is:

*by kerbeks12

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