Current Status of Events in One Piece (Chapter 1088)


Here’s a comprehensive overview of current One Piece events.

Below, a series of Highlighted events currently active in the manga.

I. Blackbeard and The Fullalead/Hachinosu incident

While Blackbeard is collecting Road Poneglyphs…


… a ship arrives at Egghead Island (more on that island later).

Garp decided to launch an attack on Fullalead to rescue Koby but …


… it didn’t went as planed (or maybe?). Garp is a lone wolf, lying dead (but laughing, as all D. do when dying…) surrounded by some of the ten titanic commanders. Very sad.


II. Two other Yonko on their move

Blackbeard is not the only one gathering Road Poneglyphs. Buggy and Shanks have started the collectathon as well.

Cross Guild joins the race to the One Piece.

Shanks collects two Road Poneglyphs while annihilating Eustass Kid.

III. Individuals on their move (?)

While the Emperors are on the move, there are many more factions or individuals in the world.

The Revolutionary Army is assembled at Momoiro Island. They learnt the truth about Imu and Cobra from Sabo. What are they up to?

Boa Hancock is thoughtful, after Blackbeard’s assault on Amazon Lily. Is she on the leave? Joining Luffy?

The Reason Why Garp Is Laughing At The End Of Chapter 1088

Aokiji is part of the “Future of the Marines” mentioned by Garp