D. will bring another Storm – The 20 Year Cycle of D.


The 20 year generation theme is clearly being established in One Piece. The ‘God Valley’ incident that happened with the Rocks Pirates took place 38 years before the current timeline.


It can be predicted that a rookie Oden’s flashback taking place 41 years ago would not give reasonable doubt for Oden to join Roger on his final quest in time for the upcoming Wano flashback.

Oden joined Roger for his final voyage, so there is probably a reason there is an added two year buffer before the God Valley incident to not conflict with the recent revelation that Oden joined Gol D. Roger for his last voyage down the line, which is without a doubt the most significant event in One Piece outside of the Void Century and the revelation of what One Piece is.


Bell-Mere, Inurashi AND Nekomamushi were born 40 years before the pesent timeline. MARSHALL D. TEACH, the most probable final antagonist was also born exactly 40 years before the current timeline. It is being very much alluded to that he had an emotional investment in Rocks, and he knows something about the Void Century. Outside of Luffy, he is the most critical player.


Brook’s original crew set sail 20 years before Gol D. Roger. He makes a note of this.

Gol Roger was executed around 21-22 years before the introduction of the series, depending on the date.

Whitebeard claimed Fish-Man Island as his territory 20 years before the current timeline, Fish-Man Island has info on Joyboy, the great ark Noah, and one of the 3 ancient weapons.

Nami was adopted by Bell-mere 20 years before the current timeline, she is the member that wants to make the world map (she was also born this same year).

Inuarashi and Nekomamushi dissolve their friendship 20 years before current timeline over a climatic incident involving Oden. Zou has a lot of history and this will probably be established further

Oden and his wife Toki were killed by Orochi and Kaido took over Wano 20 years before the present timeline. Toki used her devil fruit to send the Nine Red Scabbards specifically 20 years into the future.

Monkey D. Luffy is currently 19 years old, and I would wager he will turn 20 years old before the finish of the series.

The Ohara incident happened 20 years before the introduction of the series. No explanation needed.

Nico Robin meets Saul. Saul dies protecting her 20 years before the introduction of the series.

Portgas D. Ace is born 20 years before the introduction of the series, particularly significant since Rogue held him in her womb longer than natural.

Sabo is born 20 years before the introduction of the series.

Hatchan saves Silvers Rayleigh’s life when he is stranded out at sea 20 years before the introduction of the series.

Shanks meets Yasopp 20 years before the introduction of the series.

20 years is the number one time indicator for Oda, especially when it comes to the telling of D. Several Climatic events have happened 20 years apart, or around 20 or 40 years ago. Above all else immensely critical plot lines have been revealed after the time skip to take place 20 years ago, along with Rocks’ defeat taking place around 40 years ago.

Why is this significant?

I am going to call it now that there was an original D. that assisted the players that would become the Celestial Dragons/ World Government for their own reasons, and betrayed the D. Clan leader, most likely Joy Boy. Xebec D. Rocks is the one that took on this will, and Gol D. Roger took on Joy Boy’s. In turn, Blackbeard takes after Rocks (he was born following his defeat/most likely death), and Luffy was born following Gol D. Roger’s execution.

They have been foils since their introduction– same pie, different experiences. Same end goals, two opposing destinies. I will make another gamble, Blackbeard’s hat belonged to Xebec D. Rocks, which is the indicator for the original D.’s will. As is the Straw Hat for Luffy. Blackbeard added his symbol to it, and although Rock’s outline did not have the hat, Gol. D. Roger did not wear the hat either later in his career.

Blackbeard made Rock’s territory his, named his ship after him, his hobby is ‘history,’ and he talked about a man’s dream never dying. Blackbeard is fully aware of his role in this fate. I would not be surprised if he gained the hat after becoming a warlord, and one of the reasons he became a warlord was to get access to that hat. He is actively seeking to fill Rock’s shoes (this will be important later).

Fish-Man Island is the center of the One Piece World for a Reason

The unfulfilled promise to the original Poseidon was because the originator to the will that Rocks/Blackbeard would inherit betrayed Joy Boy before he could make it to Fishman Island. Gol D. Roger told Whitebeard under the waterfall over sake what D. was and Whitebeard knew he would need to act to fulfill the Will of D. in the endgame. I would bet big bucks Whitebeard protecting Fishman Island wasn’t only because he disliked slavery, but was because of something Gol D. Roger told him. Big Mom only controlled it for two years, before Luffy all but reclaimed it, with Neptune outright saying he would wave the Straw Hat flag.

Whitebeard held it down until the one Gol D. Roger waits for could arrive. This could be some significance between Jinbe hanging out with Whitebeard and fighting Ace before he joined the Whitebeard Pirates. Otherwise, why was Jinbe just hanging out randomly at the Whitebeard camp? Blackbeard may very well be the one that causes the destruction of Fish-Man Island that is predicted to happen as he heads to Alabasta to gain Pluton (personal theory after the last few chapters).

Luffy enabled this destruction in the prophecy to happen as he was the one responsible for it no longer being protected by Big Mom. Blackbeard may also kidnap Poseidon as well to stack the odds in his favor– forcing the World Government to act and use the third in response– this would most likely trigger the final arc.

Shanks was right and Whitebeard realized he was wrong – How they Both Played Their Part.

Whitebeard probably thought Ace was the D. that would bring on the storm, but after his death realized it was always Luffy. He confirmed One Piece was indeed out there as a final path left to Luffy in order to carry out the Will of D. Blackbeard’s current moves to Alabasta (confident guess) are what will trigger the series of events to draw Luffy’s attention after Wano. Since once Wano is complete the ‘Four Emperor’ saga will be drawing to a close, and the Yonkou will no longer be the primary antagonists. Kaido and Big Mom are ultimately remnants of the Rocks Pirates. Whitebeard and Shanks are the protectors of Gol D. Roger’s legacy.

One last thing, I believe that Shanks will indeed die before he meets Luffy again to the hands of Blackbeard, there is some overwhelming foreshadowing at least to them fighting. I know people don’t like hearing this, but Luffy will suffer at least one more major loss to test him and Shanks makes sense from a narrative point of view. When Luffy “gives back” the hat it will be him shedding the expectations of the prophecy. Whitebeard and Shanks were meant to be the shepards to set Luffy up to finish what Joy Boy started.

Whitebeard stated he wanted Ace to be Pirate King. So Whitebeard bet on Ace, and Shanks bet on Luffy. In the end Whitebeard realized despite his grief, Ace was the catalyst and Luffy was the end goal. Shanks was right. Luffy solidifying that the strawhat always belonged to Shanks, and that Luffy was serious when he said he was borrowing it will be an immensely cathartic experience. It will mean he won’t need the comforts of boyhood anymore, and that the strawhat a symbol of the will of D. (see the giant strawhat in the Holy Land) ultimately rested with a great pirate that was NOT a D. Luffy is just Luffy, and he doesn’t need to be anything else.

Showdown – Luffy vs Blackbeard

I am going to take another leap of faith and say that the clan of D. was involved in the creation of Devil Fruits. “D. is the natural enemy of God,” it is a pretty safe bet Devil is related to this somehow. Blackbeard’s obsession is with devil fruit, and he will most likely get a zoan by the end of the series. He will have all three types of fruits, his crew will all have fruits.

I believe Luffy will die (probably inspiring his crew and leading to Zoro finally outright stating himself as vice-captain), however, Trafalgar D. Water Law will sacrifice his life to resurrect Luffy. The Ope Ope Fruit was able to grant immortality, BUT it was also capable of giving life as well (one way or the other that ability is implied to happen). When characters die their fruit ability is transferred to another fruit nearby.

Luffy will be resurrected without his character defining fruit. The symbolism will be Blackbeard going all in on the power of the devil, and luffy will be forced to fight as only himself. With Haki and will power alone, similar to his role model Shanks. This will define Luffy as one truly breaking the cycle of D, and being nothing more than just himself. It will make the showdown that much more dire, but rewarding. Of course I believe we will see a ton of Gomu Gomu Awakening/insane moves from Luffy before this happens. Law’s sacrifice, and Luffy’s resurrection will be at the very end.

Luffy’s Indifference to Fate is What Allows it to Choose Him

Luffy may or may not complete what Joy Boy set out to do, but he is only doing it for himself, and that is why Luffy is unique. That is why he’s the one who will bring on the storm and he’s the man that Roger is waiting for.

*Theory by FuckYeahPhotography

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