Dark King Rayleigh & King of Hell Zoro


Really really interesting. We all thought that “Dark King”, Rayleigh’s nickname, and “King of Hell”, Zoro’s nickname, were very similar. But it seems that they are actually the same thing, basically.


It’s the umpteenth parallel shared between Rayleigh and Zoro, as the right hand man of the past Pirate King and the right hand man of the future Pirate King.

With the Wano Arc, Zoro is confirmed to not be just a simple underling, but a king in his own way.
Unlike the other Straw Hats, Zoro isn’t a mere follower: he is a king who partners with another king.
That’s why Zoro and Luffy are referred as PARTNERS. Just like Rayleigh and Roger, obviously.


Remember all those panels where Zoro is thought to be the real captain of the Straw Hats? Or where people wonder why he isn’t the captain, or why he isn’t the captain of his own crew? Now everything makes sense.
That’s because Zoro is a CONQUEROR. He is a KING in his own way (King of Swordsmen).
Just like Luffy is a CONQUEROR and a KING in his own way (King of Pirates). The both of them also unlocked Advanced Conqueror Haki, the strongest Haki that Kaido called the power of the strongest ones, the power that “only a handful of the very strongest can”, in a world where “Haki… it surpasses all”.


Exactly like Rayleigh was a Conqueror and a King just like Roger was a Conqueror and a King.
We have now blatant confirmation that Zoro = Rayleigh and Luffy = Roger
It was obvious, but some people still doubted. It was so comical, and so delusional as well: Rayleigh has blonde hair, Rayleigh likes girls, Rayleigh used kicks… LMAO

Now it’s clear as day. Luffy is the Future King of Pirates, the new Gol D. Roger, while Zoro is the Future World Strongest Swordsman and the New Generation Dark King, the Right Hand of the King of Pirates, the new Silvers Rayleigh.

Rayleigh is also absolutely confirmed to be a swordsman.

Now all makes sense. Because both of Luffy and Zoro are Conquerors and Kings on their own (not all the Conquerors are also Kings!) like Roger and Rayleigh. Destined to excel to the top of the world, and strong willed enough to do so, unlike the other Straw Hats.

Two Kings advancing for their future titles. Two Conquerors who will seat on the top of the world.
They march together in front of the Strawhat crew.

Tell me if doesn’t strike as the same of this…

Yeah, it’s the same.
A King advancing together with his Dark King.

Making Zoro a Conqueror and a King, but in the meantime someone who as strong and as indipendent as he is still willingly decides to follow someone else, the author showed how great is Zoro’s devotion to Luffy.

See? Exactly like Whitebeard wondered how Oden could join him, as he is the kind of guy who leads, not the one who follows others. Also Whitebeard made a reference to the many Conqueror Haki users in Rocks Crew, the same thing to which Kaido will make a reference as well, about how Conqueror Haki users aren’t people prone to follow others.

No wonder that then when people see Zoro they immediately think that the swordsman should be the leader of his own crew or the leader of the Straw Hat.
But that doesn’t matter, Zoro prefers to follow Luffy. Why? Very differently from the others, Zoro’s strength is extremely close and comparable to his captain’s one. Zoro doesn’t follow Luffy out of need, like the others, but because of the spontaneous trust that he has in him.
Even if, as already showed, Zoro is the kind of guy who dominates, not the one who follow others. It’s just that his devotion to Luffy is that intense. More than a Right Hand Man, more than a First Mate; more like a brother.

That’s also why Oda had the two of them share so many parallels: strength, power ups, backgrounds, goals, benchmarks. Luffy and Zoro make the best duo ever. Captain and Right Hand Man/Number Two/First Mate, for life.
Like it or not, the amount of different times and different ways where Zoro is put close to Luffy is gargantuan. The sheer number of those comparisons is astonishing, it screams loud, like the absolute absence of the same closeness between Sanji and Luffy, screams loud as well
… but in the opposite way, because there’s zero of them.
No wonder that we have this.

You all know that the strongest Straw Hat bar Luffy is Zoro. And if by chance you didn’t know… Oda just stated this in SBS 102. No equals… just an undesputable number two which is Zoro, with no one close enough to make this ambiguous.

*by ThunderSupernova

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