Did Katakuri free Jinbe and Germa?


As we have seen in the last chapter, Jinbe has arrived and joined the raid on Onigashima.


This leads me to a question. What happened at Totto Land?
We left the Whole Cake arc with Germa 66 and Fish-Men left behind as rear guards for the Straw Hats. They had to fight for as much as they could to give the Straw Hats enough time to escape.

Now we see Jinbe pretty unscratched and safe. So the question is what happened?


First, I don’t believe Jinbe escaped when the Straw Hats escaped otherwise he would have reached Wano before Big Mom and not 2 weeks after.


My guess is that Jinbe and Germa were captured during the battle and thrown into prison.

Then Big Mom took most of her important members to Wano with her. The only person left in Whole Cake Island capable of leading the remnants of the Big Mom Pirates is KATAKURI. And we know Katakuri has a soft spot for Luffy.

My guess is that Katakuri freed Jinbe and Germa, that’s why Jinbe arrived so late to the party.

What do you think? Do you agree?

*by Beky

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