Did Nico Robin unlock Armament Haki?


In Chapter 1021 Nico Robin displays a brand new form called “Demonio Fleur”. It’s a technique similar to Gigante Fleur. Robin sprouts a giant copy of her upper body, but this time, her copy features several extra appendages such as a pair of bat-like wings, shaded skin, fangs and horns, giving it the appearance of a traditional devil.


How the hell did Robin turn her gigantic clone black? Is it Armament Haki? Or maybe something else?


I would love confirmation that Nico Robin is using Armament Haki here, like Sabo seems to be describing Armament Haki when he tells her to target the core of the enemy.


So let’s see this. Judging from how some of the giant arms and legs started out looking normal:


Then gradually turning black as they are grabbing Maria:

Then becoming fully black as she is getting clutched:

Robin literally made the white hands black when she used her attack. If it was a usually black shady colouring Oda would not draw the hands with white colour and start to make them black in the moment when Robin uses her attack. Robin turns out the white hands and covers them with black hardening and then finishes off Black Maria. There would be no point for Oda to make white hands and making them black if Robin didn’t use Haki.

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